One of the most highly consumed beverages worldwide is coffee. Many families as well as individuals drink coffee more than once a day. There are also some people that drink it even in their office. But only a few people know the stages involved in the preparation of coffee raw coffee beans before it can be taken. Generally, there are four stages in the process of preparing coffee for drinking, namely, roasting, grinding, brewing and separation stages. Read on to know more about these stages.


Roasting of raw coffee beans

Before the the raw coffee is ground, it has to be roasted. The roasting changes the chemical as well as the physical properties of the raw coffee. As it is being roasted, the size of the coffee beans increases. They also lose their green color. The color changes occur in stages. The roasting is completed when the coffee beans turn to dark brown. However, the longer they are roasted the darker they become. You buy the raw coffee beans and roast it at home by yourself since ordinary kitchenware such as frying pan, popcorn popper and the likes can be used in roasting it. But a special machine known as coffee roaster is meant for that purpose.


Grinding stage

In this stage, the roasted coffee beans are ground in preparation for brewing. It can be ground to different coarseness or fineness. The fineness or coarseness is what makes the difference in taste as well as what determines the brewing method to be used. For example, faster brewing method is best suitable for finer grind while slower brewing methods are most suitable for coarser grind. Coffee grinder is specifically meant for grinding of coffee. This machine is available in a number of types, brands, models, styles and sizes. There are commercial grades as well as home grade types.


Brewing stage

This is the stage when the liquid coffee that is taken is made. At this stage, hot water is passed through the ground coffee to extract the its content. Ground coffee can be brewed in different ways in order to obtain different tastes. There are four basic methods of brewing coffee which include decoction, infusion, pressurized percolation and gravitational feed method. What differentiates these methods from one another is the manner in which hot water is poured in the ground coffee. There are different coffee brewers meant for different brewing method. Coffee brewer just like coffee grinder has various brands, models and sizes.


Separation stage

This is the final stage in the process of making coffee. Here, the liquid coffee is separated from the ground beans before it is taken. After brewing, you don't have to consume the ground coffee beans with the liquid. You have to sift the chaff from the liquid and then consume the liquid.


The above processes can be carried out home. In fact today, many people prepare their own coffee in order to obtain a better freshness and taste. You can also prepare your own coffee at home.