Moving office from one place to another will evoke different feelings in employees and will have different impacts on them especially from social point of view. While some of your employees will be happy that you are moving to another location others will receive the news with some misgiving because it may cause them to move house and other things such as transport, parking and feelings associated with having to work in a new environment. As the man on top, you have to anticipate impacts and misgiving and deal with them appropriate. If you handle them very well, yours staff will not have any problem with settling down. Here are some of the concerns with social implication associated with moving.


Home moving

If you are relocating to a far place or distant location, it may imply that your staffs or employees that you would want to retain will also move home. This can put some employees into serious stress especially when they do not anticipate the move. But you can make the challenge bearable and less burdensome for your employees. You may consider making their relocation your business affairs. You have discuss with them on how they will want to move home. Establish a team that will look into that and then look for homes for them in the new place you are moving to. It will be easier for them if you make it your business affairs. Even if you are not going to foot the bill of getting new homes for them, it is good give them some sense of concern.


Transportation and commuting issues

When you move office, your employees are faced with commuting and transportation issues. Even if they are not moving house, they have to get acclimatized with the new route and transport system of the new location. This may not be easy for some people. To make it easy for your employees, it is advisable that you have a seminar on dealing on your new location. During the seminar, you have to give a detail explanation of the transport system of the new location and the various roads that connects to that place. You should also prepare a map showing how to connect to the area and share to all of them. In this way, they will not find transport to and fro the office very difficult. You should also consider giving them some transport allowance to compensate for any extra expenses they might have incur as a result of the move.


Language and cultural difference

This is a very big challenge to employees when the new office is located in another country or area with a complete different language. Language barrier will affect their work as well as social life. Being limited in language, they are completely strangers in the new area. You should consider providing language program for them even before the move. In this way, they will be able to communicate with your prospective customers in the new location. If the culture of the new place is different from the culture of the old place, you should also organize a seminar on the culture of the people so that there will not be any problem or misunderstanding in the course of their work.


Other cultural issues that you should instruct them on are dressing and food. Each people have their acceptable dress code. You should ensure that your staff learn how to dress appropriately in accordance with the acceptable manner of dressing of the new place. In this way, they wouldn't look strange before the people.


Other concerns that you should look into are:

child education needs

family needs such as spousal employment, child education and others


You should help them to handle these issues by showing concern.