Most snorers do not know that they saw wood during their sleep. There are some people that snore even during daytime sleep. You may not know that you are snoring unless you are told by family members or a bed partner. If your bed partner or people living with you have complained that you snore most often during sleep whether at night or during daytime, you should not argue with them. Rather you should look for a way to end you saw logging. There are some simple strategies that you should apply in order to end your stertor. Here are some of the simple remedies to stertor.

·         Changing your sleep position

There are some sleep positions that increase the chances of snoring. For example, lying on your back while sleeping will make you to snore. This is because your tongue’s base and soft palate collapse more when you lay on your back during sleep. This will cause the tissues around the region to vibrate and the sound produced is referred to as snoring. So, if you want to stop snoring or reduce your chances of snoring during sleep, you should consider changing your sleeping position. A suitable position should be lying by your side when you sleep.

Maintaining this position may be difficult. But using a full length pillow or body pillow which provides support to your whole body will help you to maintain the sleeping position. You can also prevent yourself from lying on your back by putting a tennis ball at the back pocket of your pajamas. So, when you turn to your back, you will not feel comfortable and thus you will change position. Alternatively, you may consider reclining your bed with the head up. This may cause neck pain but it opens up the nasal airway and thus prevents or reduces snoring.

·         Lose weight

Gaining weight around the neck and throat region increases snoring; this is because it narrows the throat’s diameter and thus shrinks the airway. So, if you are gaining weight or if you are overweight or obese, you should consider engaging in weight loss program to reduce weight. However, this does not mean that people who are thin do not snore. There are other factors other than obesity that can lead to snoring.

·         Avoid taking alcohol especially at night

The resting tone of the throat’s back muscles is reduced by alcohol and this increases your chances of snoring. If you are a habitual snorer, you should try to reduce your alcoholic consumption especially at night.




·         Avoid taking sedatives

You should avoid taking sedatives unless for medical reasons. Just like alcohol, sedatives can also increase your chances of snoring because it reduces the resting tone of the muscles at your throat’s back.

·         Practice good sleeping hygiene

Poor sleeping hygiene also increases your chances of snoring. When you work for a long hour and far into the night, you will have little or no time to sleep. This will make you to become very tired and thus you will sleep hard and deep. You will definitely snores as the muscles become floppier.

·         Open your nasal passages.

·         Take enough water in order to soften the secretions in your nose and soft palate.