There is no doubt that a lot of people may think that the use of cologne or perfume as fashion accessories started in our time. This is far from the truth. It has a long history dating back to antiquity or thousands of years in the past. However, what makes the difference between the contemporary time products and products used during the ancient period or middle ages is not the purpose but in the manner in which they're made.


As it was mentioned above, the use of sweet fragrance dated back thousands of years ago when it was discovered. The people of the Middle of East were among the first to beef up their body odor using sweet fragrance. However, the type of perfume or cologne were like scents. It can be applied on the body by mixing it with oil. But it was through the activities of the crusaders that it was imported to Europe during the medieval period. Gradually, many people started wearing cologne in Europe following the product of cologne in 1709 by Gian Paolo Feminis. This cologne was crude compared to what is obtainable today. Cologne of today is made with a note ingredients that produce its sweet fragrance. Cologne or perfume today has three kinds of notes, namely, the base note, middle note and first notes. These notes arise from various ingredients used in making it.


In the ancient time, it was mainly worn in order to cover up body odor, feces and mud. This is because of difficult of bathing. People were not taking baths as it should be taken and with the cologne, the need for bath is reduced because it will cover up the body odor. But today, this is no longer the case. People take their baths frequently and then wear cologne to enhance their body odor or to smell. It is now fashion accessory. Like other fashion accessory, it is available in a number of types from different producers.


There are nowadays, sweet fragrance for each of the genders. Men's sweet fragrance is known as cologne while women sweet fragrance is know as perfume. Given the difference in the strength of olfactory nerves of various age groups, there are colognes for the various age groups. Colognes or perfumes can also also be worn for different time of the day and for various occasions. There are sweet fragrance suitable for work and those suitable for informal gathering. For the flirtatious, there are seductive and romantic cologne. In other words, no matter what you are looking for or what your fashion needs are, you will be able to find suitable sweet fragrance that will meet your needs.


Wearing cologne will give you some benefit such as making you to smell good before others. It boosts your confidence and it is also healthy to wear as some are made with natural and quality ingredients. But on the negative side, some high quality cologne are very expensive and not within the financial reach of many people.


The above are some of the important information you should know about cologne and perfume.