There are some simple words to describe love; these words can turn the meaning of love. Love is one of the great human emotions and no matter in how many words we may want to describe it, its true meaning may not come out. However this article is an attempt in terms of using simple words to describe love and see how they are closely associated with different forms of our life.


Following words can best describe the meaning of love.


Happiness- When you are happy, you feel satisfied and that satisfaction is the form of love. When you are with your friends or close relatives, then you share happiness with each other and that happiness itself means love.


Illusion- Illusion is something we perceive and which does not exist in reality. Illusions occur because of our desperation of seeing a particular thing or any person. And that desperation comes from love. When you love someone so strongly, you start seeing his illusions everywhere you see.


Sharing- Love resides in sharing. No matter what your relation is but if you share your things with others then it is love. The best example is the relationship of friends, brothers and sisters. Sharing does not only mean to share the things with each other but it also includes the emotions like pain, happiness, sorrow, joy and every other feelings. You can get the best solution of your problem only by sharing with someone you trust. Sharing comes under the simple words to describe love.


Pain- People often feel that pain and love are totally opposite from each other. But if you see carefully, then pain will always come along with love. If you do not love someone then nothing can bother you and you can never feel any pain. So, pain is another word for love.


Life- Life is a second name of love. When you love something then only you can live your life to the fullest otherwise you will just lead your life because you have no other choice. Love is very important in life and that’s why it best describes the term love. Thus, life is included in the list of simple words to describe love.


Talking- No one can even imagine that love can be in talking as well. But this is also a truth. Whenever you talk to someone, there is always an emotion in that sentence. Human beings never speak without emotions. And emotions are different forms of love. If someone is in trouble or going through a bad phase then you can console them by your words. Those words show love for that person. Words are mere a collection of letters if not clubbed with emotions.


Hope- Hope is one of the simple words to describe love. Hope can determine how much you want something and how desperate you are to achieve that. Hope is an amazing feeling which describes your love for anything.


Spending Time Together- Investment is necessary not only of money but also of time in a relationship. Few moments which you can spend with your partner works as a dose for next few hours. Love is everywhere and spending time with your loved ones can be one of the greatest experiences. By sharing time or by spending time together does not mean to waste it in useless talks. It is useful when you spend quality time together in trying to know each other in a better manner and to share your feelings for each other.


Dream- Every individual see dreams while they sleep as well as with open eyes. Dream is another word of love because what we love from our heart, we see that in our dreams.

Faithfulness- Love is definitely faithful. If you share a positive and pure feeling with someone then it is obvious that it needs to be faithful. Faith is your positive expectations, your belief on someone. And the second name of love is trust, belief so it is clear that love is faithfulness. Thus, faithfulness can be one of the simple words to describe love.


Friends- Sharing small things, going out for a movie, small and big fights over useless issues, fighting over same thing, enjoying each other’s company, spoiling the life of others, screaming on empty roads, walking miles while talking, studying together, hearing yelling of parents and teachers for mischievous things. All these are different but simple words to describe love.

These are some simple words to describe love. You can use them as synonyms or to describe any emotion of your life because love is itself an emotion.

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