Simple Ways To Show A Girlfriend You Love Her

Love needs an expression and if you are wondering what that way can be then this post is for you. There are ways and then there are simple ways to show your girlfriend that you love her. All it needs is little innovation and lot of passion. The magic that simple things can do goes a way above and can do wonders for you. Just read through this post and you would find how small and simple things can help you show your love to your girlfriend, wife or a women in your life. Many poets have expressed the word “Love” in the finest of their words and sentences which have become quotes of the day. And one of the parts of the poem by Lord Byron goes like

“she walks in Beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies

And all that’s best of dark and night

Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

Thus mellow’d to that tender light

Which heaven to gaudy day denies”

This is poem which expresses love. Every one of us has fallen in love with some person whom we feel special to us; that special person with whom we want to express everything; what we feel and experience; good or bad; happiness or sorrow. We want this special person to be with us every moment or in other words we need that person and also on the contrary want to be a part of their happiness and sorrow and even that person’s life.  This is nothing but “love”. This is a common feeling for man or woman.

Both have their own ways of expression. But what are the simple ways to show your girl friend that you love her?  You don’t need to do complicated things to express your love. Simple ways can be helpful to show you love.  Small things in your life which you often foresee can help you a lot. Here are some tips:

Flowers And Chocolates: Most of the girls and women are fond of flowers which smell good and chocolates. Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers and a good bunch of chocolates. They need not be given on special days; (of course giving on special days mean a lot)

Be Supportive: Help your loved one at her work by giving her some ideas about the work which she is doing. Or else share some of work at home. Give her support when she needs. Be her shoulder to cry on, or to rest on.

Surprises: Surprise her by taking her out to lunch or else visit her work place during recess or give her greeting cards which show your feelings towards her. Most women like little surprise gifts and feel elated when they show these gifts to their colleagues. 

Be A Poet: Put all your feelings into words and write a poem. It need not be lengthy just a single sentence or two can put you into good looks of your loved one.

Spending Time: Give some time to spend with your loved one. It can be for a moment by just holding her hands and asking her about her day. This can mean more than words.

Take Her Advice: Ask her advice when you need some. Also appreciate her when it works. But do not mention it when it fails unless she asks for it.

Thank Her: Thank her and not for some dishes she prepared for you. But some other things like, some special kind of music. You can say it like “thank you for that music which you put on. I have not heard of it until now. But when I heard I felt peaceful”.

Don’t Increase Arguments: If in any discussion you do not agree with her then put it softly rather than shouting or physical handling. Do not go for a quarrel. If you feel that, you are at fault and argued with her unnecessarily then say “Sorry”. Saying “sorry” does not lower your profile or esteem but on the contrary you are put on the highest position by your loved one. Moreover she may also feel that she also was responsible for increasing the argument with you (after all she also loves you!!).

Forgive: Forgiveness is the best medicine. And in love it works like a potion of nectar. So forgive her for any mistakes which she does.

Walks: Women enjoy silent walks on a beach side, or even in parks. So take her out for evening walks and enjoy the silent atmosphere with her. She not only enjoys it with you but also appreciates you and feels comfortable with you.

Tiny things can matter most in any person’s life. And if it is your loved one these things play a significant role. When you are in love and want to express it, then do it without any shyness. After all, love makes life more beautiful.  Women are not that complicated human beings to be understood. What all they need is a touch of comfort, a shoulder of security (emotional and physical) and a kiss of love. When any man tries to be an emotional mate of a woman whom he loves then that relationship will be everlasting; that relationship which every man looks forward to and which every woman craves for; which has no ego problems and quarrels but has only love and affection and comfort.


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  1. Maybe we really need to be reminded from time to time. Good article, i'll keep these in mind. Thank you.

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    i must thank you for reading this and mentioning that you will remind these points.

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