There are some behavior traits that will indicate to you that your partner is likely to abuse you. Check if your partner exhibits any of the following behaviors.

Disrespect his mother or other women

In some cultures, men are trained to take women as the weaker sex. Men with such orientations and trainings see women as simple object to be exploited. They have no respect for women including their mothers. Their feelings do not matter at all to them. Such men are much likely to batter their partners in marital or romantic relationship or any other type of relationship. So, if you are into a relationship and you discover that your boyfriend has no respect for his mother or any other woman, you should consider quitting the relationship because it is more likely that he will also have no respect for you and can batter you.

History of abuse

Take time to examine the past history of your partner. If your partner has had any failed relationships, find out why those relationships failed. Also check your partner’s relationship history during his school days. If he has history of abuse, it will be better for you to quite the relationship. This is because he is more likely going to abuse you. Generally, adults with certain behavioral traits don’t easily change. Well balanced adults are not easily influenced by circumstances. This is one fact that you should take into consideration if you are into any relationship or about starting up one.

Don’t say that he has not physically abuse you or that he will not batter you even if he battered other ladies. Normally, at the beginning of any relationship, nobody batters their partners except in rare cases. Battering occurs when relationship has gone far. So, don’t wait until you are battered before you should consider quitting the relationship.

Uncontrolled tempered

There are some men who abuse their partnered only to start regretting their action afterwards. Such people are hot tempered. Hot tempered people damage things when they are annoyed. When there is nothing to break or to kick at, they can kick their partners at slightest provocations. If your partner is hot tempered and normally kicks things when he is angry, it is advisable that you stay away from him when he is annoyed. There is the tendency that he will kick at you when there is nothing to kick at.

Threatens to batter you

Men in their right senses do not threaten other people especially women no matter how angry they are. If your partner threatens to batter you, don’t take such threats as empty threats. This is because one day, they will put it into action. Watch your partner closely to see if he threatens women. He may tell you that he does not mean it. It will be foolhardy to take such a threat as empty one.

Not ready to accept failures or blames

Men that batter their partners normally have the tendency of not accepting their failures and blames. If you are into a relationship with a man with such character, it is a sign of red flag. You should consider quitting the relationship.

These are some of the signs that show a man that will batter his wife.