The game of relationship is not for minors. It is exclusively for adults. It is expected that the adults involved should be aware of what they getting into and must also seek to update whatever know they have on relationship. This article gives some highlights on the signs that shows that your relationship is about to get drowned.


Highlight of the signs

1. Your partner excludes himself or herself from making plans. Making a plan is tantamount to planning for the future. Planning whether for an event or for the nearest future should be taken seriously. It involves determination and commitment. Where such is lacking, then crisis is looming.

What you are required to do: when you observe that he or she has been trying to avoid being part of any plan you have put up, bring your partner on board. Allow your partner to initiate and if possible execute the plans single-handedly. If he or she complies, all fine and good but if not, then you may allow for some time to elapse to observe his or her response.

What you are required not to do: some people are used to enforcing their partners to attend an event. This may not speak well. Never engage in such thing.


2. When he directly demands for a distance. This is more of a confrontation. This is more direct and it becomes obvious that your partner is almost already saying bye-bye to you. Usually when such situation arises, the relationship collapses totally almost without the possibility of settlement.

What you are required to do: try to know what the real problem is. But if he is hell-bent on getting the space, then give the space perhaps he or she will come back to his or her senses. However, while you give the space, still make your presence know at least once in a while. This can be done through text messages, emails, gift items etc.

What you are required not to do: don’t create a violent atmosphere. Some people will go as far as fighting their partner’s new found love just because he or she has dumped them. It is never a solution. Don’t engage in it.

3. When your partner gets irritated by everything you do. When your partner picks an offence in everything you do even without any feeling of remorse, know that the red line has been bridged. He or she suddenly picks a quarrel in things he or she had earlier enjoyed. It is a bad omen.

What you are required to do: in this case you need to be more patient than ever. This is because you cannot use violence to fight violence. Be patient and allow it to be. Some people pick an offence like that to show that they are far more deeply in love more than their partners think. Get to know the root cause if possible.

What you are required not to do: don’t be afraid, don’t panic and don’t cry especially when you are not in any wrong.