Are you wondering whether your husband really loves or not? If the answer to the question above is yes, then there is no cause for alarm. With the signs explained below, you will be able to tell whether he really loves you or not.

Does he always respect?

If a man loves you, he will always respect you. The emphasis here is always. Respect that flows out of love is consistent and never inconsistence. If you husband's respect for you is not always, your relationship with him may not be smooth. This is because something is lacking in that love. A man that is in love will always choose it. He does not pick and choose when to respect his wife or not. If he is respectful today, he will also be respectful in the next day. In other words, your husband will either be disrespectful to you or show respect to you always.

Does he keep to his words always

If you are doubt whether your husband loves you or not, then it is important that you observe his actions and see what the tally with he tells you. His words should reflect his action in your relationship with him. If he tells you that he loves, cares, honor and respects you and will want you to be happy but he ignores your plea for financial assistance when he can actually help you, then he does not really love otherwise something most be wrong with him. The truth is that if you are loved by your husband, you will know from the way he treats you. Whatever he tells you, he tries to concretize it in his actions. Another way of saying this is that your lover is what he does. His action will always tell you whether he can love you as he professes.

Does he treat you as equal?

True love breaks down all differences and brings about oneness or unit. So, if your husband or your boyfriend loves you, he will treat you very well and also as his equal. You will become an equal partner in all aspects of his life. But if he treats you as a subject or subordinate, then something is wrong with his love. For a marriage to be successful, it is important for all partners to share equally in their life.

Do you have complete trust in him?

Trust is one virtue that is required in marriage. But it can only between lovers that understand themselves and believe in each other. If you don't trust your husband, it simply means that there is aspect of him that you are afraid of or there is something that he is doing which you are scared of. If you are afraid of your husband or your boyfriend, the relationship is very risky for. It is not advisable for you to enter any relationship that you are scared of.

Does he always tell you that he loves you?

If your husband loves you, he will always tell you that. It is important that you hear. Some people will say that a man does not need to tell his partner that he loves her always. But this isn't the case. Love is not hidden. It is always proclaimed.

Can he imagine living without you?

Love possesses and makes you unable to live without your love one. So, if your husband can imagine living without you, then there is nothing wrong with your relationship. If he stays for a couple of days outside home and he has not called you, then there is something wrong with him or he is engaged with something that he considers more important than you.

How available is he?

A man that really cares or loves will always be available to the loved one. No matter the circumstances, he will always be there to help you.