Stress is the major enemy of human being. Stress is a reaction of certain action inside the brain. If that reaction is over rated then it becomes stress and can hurt people mentally as well as physically. If the person is stressed out then there is no worse situation other than this. Stress can even be a killer for you. It is a situation in which people don’t think right or wrong, he just acts negatively under the pressure of some non existing elements. There are some obvious signs of stressed out people by which you can make out whether the person is stressed or not. Folks try to show they are cool as long as possible but when they are over done with something, they do not enjoy at all. The signs of stressed out people or anxiety burst out automatically with the signs like:

Irritation – They tend to get irritated more often. When someone talks to them even on good or general topic, they get irritated and say something which they should never say because of stress. They don’t like to engage themselves with others and they don’t even enjoy even casual conversations. They don’t like to go out with friends and family.

Frustration – People suffering from stress show the signs of frustration. If anybody asks them about any matter, they easily get frustrated and talk nonsense. They become more negative in their thoughts and attitude. They start thinking like nothing good can happen with them and this is the way their life is and they have to deal it that way only.

Physical illness – Hold their head tight in order to ease out a bit or as a relaxing attitude. Stressed out people often feel headache and use some sort of ointment to relax. Their skin will reveal all the gloomy signs of stressed out people. They have more dark patches under their eyes or even their skin tone will reflect the stress clearly.

Zero motivation – They have no motivation and they often think like they cannot do or achieve anything in their life. They become so negative that they start releasing negative energy from them and if anyone is around him then he will also get those negative vibrations.

No proper time lag- Signs of stressed out people also include rushing of things. They have so much work to do and nothing is going according to them so they feel stressful and wants to complete their entire task as soon as possible. In that hurry, they often make mistakes and do wrong task.

Irregular eating habits – Sometimes they start eating more junk food and make themselves obese. Signs of stressed out people also includes unfit health and other diseases like hyper tension or depression only because of stressful environment.

Stress – Stressful people often use abusive words when they feel something wrong. Sometimes blood pressure goes up because of anxiety and stress. Many a times they get high fever if they take too much stress for any topic. Even if they are normal and not loaded with any work, they still feel stressed because of some other reasons. There are always lines on the forehead of a stressful people. Such stressed people live in their own world. Many a times, they don’t even pay attention towards the current situation.


People often feel stressed out because of their environment. It is more often seen that people who are stressed can’t be innovative and creative in their work. A healthy mind and body can only fetch new and creative ideas. But people often feel stressed out and out of thoughts that lead to stress.

Human mind is so wanting in nature. It wants everything according to its will. And if outside situations differ then it will start reacting towards it. If people can’t control on their mind then this reaction slowly converts into stress and can prove destructive for us. Everyone can deal with this stress only if they analyze signs of stressed out people. If you think you have some signs mentioned above then get alert and don’t let yourself to be a stressful person. We have already discussed the negative impacts of stress on mind and body. If you need to be happy and prosperous then try to avoid these signs. This will help you in living a life in a better way and if it is not possible then you can consult a doctor and can take a leave or off from your current job. Giving break can do wonders in healing stress.



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