Love is divine. But when will you know it’s actually love, not just an infatuation? What are the signs a man is falling in love? Or are there any at all? It is always said that you can lie about some phenomenon very easily using words but your gesture and your body language gives you away. For example, we often try to conceal our nervousness when delivering a speech in front of an audience but constant perspiration, misuse of words or in some cases only looks can reveal our nervousness. So, it is not that hard to find out if that man is falling in love with you. You just need to be very observing and be capable of interpreting his non-verbal cues properly. A wrong interpretation, needless to say, can earn you much embarrassment.


So, what are the signs a man is falling in love? Well, your imagination blended with your interpretation can lead to various possible conclusions. Thus, there are no hard and fast rules to judge the signs. But still, let’s explore some signs that are very commonly expressed by men when he is falling in love.


                     Does he agree to everything you say? Does he say yes to every opinion you express no matter what the topic is? Does he agree to the most outlandish thing you have ever said? Does he even agree with you on something that is not just or legal or healthy (like smoking)? Are all or most of the above answers yes? Then yes dear reader, this “yes man” is definitely falling in love with you. And the above cues are strong signs a man is falling in love with you.

                     What about your outfit? Does he praise your attires more than ever? Does he get on his heels and extensively go on about how good a sense of taste you possess? These are also meager but positive signs a man is falling in love (no matter how fast and how surprisingly his opinion starts changing once you two are over the first few months of dating!)

                     What about possessiveness? It is a safe (a hundred percent) bet that he grows (sometimes annoyingly I must admit) possessive about you. ‘Careful’ should have been the word here, but ‘possessive’ is more appropriate. For example, he does not like it if you have any bad habits like smoking or drinking (no matter how rare you do these or how much he himself into it), he wants you to sit beside him (or finds a seat beside you in case he joins later) and so on. All these signs of possessiveness are consequentially signs a man is falling in love.

                     Another very interesting (sometimes funny) sign a man is falling in love is his way of treating other girls (at least in front of you). No matter how close or dear a friend is to him, he will definitely start mixing less with her to show that the only girl he cares about is you.

                     One more thing- a quite significant sign that a man is falling in love is he will suddenly start adoring your surroundings. For example your annoying sibling, your friends he used to find funny earlier or any weird habit that you have, he will not have any complaints.

                     One very obvious sign a man is falling in love with you is he will talk to you a lot more than usual, face to face, online (IM’s, mails, Facebook, Tweeter), on the phone (calls and SMSs) and so on. He would ignore his friends teasing him and will dedicate hundred percent attentions on you. I have to admit, this is kind of sweet sometimes!

                     One more sign a man is falling in love is that he will, as a demonstration of how much he cares about you, offer his unconditional help, no matter what compromises he has to make. The most common is he will offer you a ride home almost everyday even if your house is in a completely inverse direction.

                     Last but not the least, as a matter of fact a very strong sign a man is falling in love with you is, he will want to and in many cases forcefully pay on your behalf and will seldom allow you to pay (unless you are buying something very expensive with your parents’ money or he is short of cash which does not usually happen, phew!). He might be even offended if you make your own payment. This is of course sweet! Don’t you think?

So, these are some common signs that show a man is falling in love. If he demonstrates all of the above signs together, well, he is head over hills in love with you. If you think he is worth a chance then you might consider giving him one.



Picture- Kloe Kwan

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