How can you tell the signs of male attraction? There is no precise formula but surely you already might have noticed some of the signs of male attraction without even knowing that you did. You should know that these signs are not so much explicit as they are implicit; it has more to do with the subtlety of some specific gestures than with the words uttered.


Yes, there are some definite signs of male attraction and if you just give small attention you might find that he might be attracted to you. So let’s look at some of them and see how they span out.


·        The gaze. It is generally acknowledged that the attention span of males is somewhat limited except when something or someone really sparks their interest. You will notice he will want to hold your gaze intently, not caring to look away. And if you catch him watching you with unusual intensity even when you’re further away or when you’re talking in different groups, then he is definitely hooked.

·        Notice if he pays more attention to you than to other girls. This is a quick give away. If a boy likes you he will try to spend more time with you and he will generally treat you with much more attention than any other girl. Better yet, he might even ignore all other females except you, not being rude to them, but keeping everything at a strictly polite level. That sure proves that he intends on being faithful from even before becoming a couple, that he’s not interested in just anybody, and that it’s just you. 

·        Sharing your interests. A big sign of male attraction is when a boy starts doing things he normally wouldn’t do simply to be around you longer. I’m talking about him doing some activities you consider interesting, but which he never used to do before having crush on you. These might include going shopping, joining your book club or your debate team. That means that he is probably paying more attention to what kind of music and films you like and what concerts you attend. Don’t be surprised if his face starts becoming a familiar face in the crowd, even if you haven’t invited him.

·        Body language. This is a more subtle way of a boy showing you that he likes you, and you have to be very attentive to pick up the signs. These include stuff like slouching his shoulders when he talks to you; which means that he is interested in what you have to say, and that he is also carrying and romantic.

·        See if he is nervous around you. This is a sure sign of male attraction. If a boy likes you, and is also a little shy, you will notice that he gets flustered around you, and that he suddenly becomes very clumsy when he’s next to you. Even if he’s not shy you can still see that he’s tone of voice is much softer, and that he’s taking his time while talking to you, being very careful not to say the wrong thing.

·        The casual touch. This is one of the most evident signs of male attraction. To make he’s intentions clear and not let you think that he just wants to be friends, a boy will try to take advantage of every casual touch. For example, he will place his hand on your arm when he laughs, or get really close to you when you show him something in a magazine or on the computer. Also a good way to find out if he likes you is to notice his reaction when you touch him. If he friezes up and starts fidgeting, than he definitely likes you.

·        Over the top politeness. You didn’t think the signs of male attraction could be decoded through the norms of strict etiquette. But clues reflecting their level of attraction can definitely be set apart from other gestures they make on a daily basis. And sometimes it’s not just one particular gesture, it is an overwhelming amount. If he holds the office door and the car door for you, holds your bag when it’s too heavy and offers to pour your wine at the office Christmas party, all of that makes a pretty clear statement. That sort of politeness is pampering, it is off the charts, not even in the old days in uptight Britain people didn’t behave that way, except towards the person they held dear. And if he takes a chance and kisses your hand you will know you started a severe case of puppy love.

As an inevitable conclusion, one might discover one quite daring and surprising fact: which is that males and females aren’t so different – they both can’t conceive attraction without some sort of emotion. These signs of male attraction are almost always linked to signs of male affection. So if he’s attracted to you it doesn’t mean he’s automatically in love with you, but it does mean you bring out his romantic side.



Picture- Cara Photography

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