Throughout the day, we come across a lot of people. Not all of them hold the same level of significance in our lives. Let it be relatives, friends, colleagues, we prioritize some of them unconsciously. We are looking forward to being with some of them more than with the others. These people feel the same way for us. Some people can sync well and some run out of topics in minutes. This sync is what we can also call clicking. Of these people, there is hidden (not an assurance, but a strong probability) someone who feels for you in a special way, someone who give signals or signs he will propose. Thanks to our tech savvy generation, getting to know each other on a personal level does not take that long. People go on dates even before they know how they feel for the other. After dating for a while, knowing each other properly (which might take from months to decades), there comes a time when both the guy and the girl start feeling that knotting the tie is not a bad idea. Although women have moved forward, still it has been taken for granted in most cases that the man will propose. After knowing the beloved for a while it is sometimes obvious and sometimes quite difficult to guess what is going on in his mind. If you can interpret some cues properly, you will be able to tell the signs that he will propose soon.


·        If he cares for your likes and dislikes more than ever, it is a moderate, but not so strong, sign. If he suddenly turns into someone who is always keeping in mind your likes and dislikes, it sure tells something.

·        If he gives priority to your chores over his, even though in some cases, his ones are more important and need to be prioritized, there is a subtle sign. In such cases, he will even sometimes let go of some of his important business/office task just to be with you or because you asked him to do something that could have been done later and without sacrificing his own work.

·        If he is helping you with your work, especially things that he did not use to like or was not motivated enough to do before. But now, increasingly, he is taking interest in them, trying to do things that he thinks make you happy, relieves the pressure off you. It is am important sign he will propose.

·        If he acts like a true sweetheart, if you know what I mean. Listening to everything you say, not ignoring you just because his favorite game is on air, showing interest in all that you have to say.

·        If he is taking interest in all the things that he would never go for with you, not even if you plead. E.g. shopping for long hours, going for yoga at 6 in the morning etc.

·        If he is taking special interest in your family, acquainting himself with your extended family members as well, talking to you about them, then this is also an indicating sign that may be he will propose soon. In such times he is usually keen to spend more time with your father, mother, siblings, and close cousins. He is much interested to join your family gatherings too. He also invites you over to meet his parents and wants you to make yourself at home.

·        If he is showing interest in diamonds recently, then that’s a loud clue. Yes, he is going to propose! If he goes with you even when you are going to jewelry stores, if clicking his recently bookmarked pages shows link to diamond rings (like: Tiffany’s,  Ddamas etc) than be certain that a diamond ring is going to glow on your ring finger very soon. Probably definite sign he will propose.


So, there can be a lot of cues that he sends towards you intentionally or unintentionally. If he can succeed in keeping it a secret then the pleasure on the D day is mixed with surprise. But if you are able to guess from his gestures, his signs he will propose, then the happiness is completely different. Let me conclude with a lovely example of one of my friends. She knew she had a loyal admirer since she was in class five! That boy was in her class and despite disliking a specific type of juice, used to treat the whole class with it just because he knew she liked it.

Eventually, she ended up being the only one for whom he continued buying the same juice everyday during break. And one day he proposed! Yes, in standard 5. This would have literally been a childish story if this was just an infatuation. But guess what? Since then, they have been together, committed for 14 years. They are about to get married this December (2010). I am wishing them as well as all of those out there in the world waiting to be proposed soon, a very happy and successful married life. Cheers!



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