In the heights of passion, when the relationship is fresh and strong, confession of love pours easily from both parties. Then the sign that a man is in love with you is effortlessly deciphered. But when things changed: passion and romance is waning and what is left is grit, respect, tolerance, trust and all other relationship maintaining traits found in at-least six months and above relationship. At this stage love has lost its freshness, though still present but due to constant proximity it’s restricted, almost forgotten, and the danger that your spouse may have lost his or her love is imminent. Projecting the state of love becomes a problem mostly to men. Males are endowed with the power of masking their feelings more than females. For this reason it is important to know the sign that a man is in love with you.


Love is a very beautiful feeling, and it is very important in all relationship. Unfortunately true love is absent in most relationship, it has become a scarce commodity because love due to its encompassing characteristics can be mistaken for many things. Example: lust, infatuation, romance, materialism, and what have you. So to avoid becoming disturbed about the absence of your husband enduring love: the relationship (marriage, platonic, business etc) must be founded on a solid foundation. This is what ensures that trust even in times when the feelings seem to be absence is unshaken. Then sign that a man is in love with you will not constitute an indelible challenge. If you are however disturbed about the state of your husband feelings below are simple signs that will either refute or confirm your doubts.


Sign That A Man Is In Love With You


1.      Knowledge matters: Women tend to leave their brain in the clouds too long. They get overtly immersed with the euphoria of love to an extent that they develop blind eyes to a man’s fault. Necessary knowledge about the man character is ignored, and this inhibits the learning process. During the good times, how does your man shows love to you? What are the unique things he does to you that shows love? Do you really know what love is? This knowledge if acquired in suitable dose would help one to identify a failing relationship because once he stops showing dose feelings it becomes a sign that he is no longer in love, but if he still shows the feeling, then it is an obvious indication that he is still in love. Example: compliments you when the occasion calls for it, still take you out on a date as he use to (though it may not be often, but still does), surprise you, still love your company: would rather spend a day off from work with you than friends, respects you, etc. These signs project a man’s undeclared undying love more than words.

2.      Occasional love declaration: Yes, it is established that there are times in relationship when love and romance will have been taken over by relationship sustaining emotions like: tolerance, security, patience, humility trust and so on. Inasmuch as these emotions are sustainable, it however should not take the place of love declaration. Love should never be absent in a relationship that is built on a solid foundation. A timely occasional declaration of love should surface at different strategic time of the relationship. Yes; feelings maybe doing a good job of projecting love. But failing to declare it robs the senses of joy that comes with hearing it. So orally affirming love shows a positive sign that a man is in love with you. Although it may not be often, it will get the job done.

3.      If he picks an irritating habit. Sometimes a man could pick a major bad habit deliberately to frustrate his wife out of the relationship. This habit may not necessary point at a waning love. But if it is combined with the loss of feelings mentioned above then it is certain that he is actually deliberating on calling it quit except he does not know how to say it. But on the other hand if the man is working hard at changing a prevailing bad habit just to please you then this is a sign that a man is in love with you. Example trying to quit smoking, staying out late, more dedicated with helping out with the kids, and so on.

4.      Thoughtful gestures. If he likes to throw in a surprise now and then like: buying small meaningful gifts now and then for you, picking children from school just to relieve you sometimes, dinner surprises, remembering important time in your life, loves to do things with you etc shows a sign that a man is in love with you.


Generally if your relationship has not lost its salt: still vibrant and has not lost elasticity in times of conflicts then, the relationship is tight. To achieve this type of relationship it is important that it was built on a solid foundation. The sign that a man is in love will not constitute a challenge.

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