Shoes are among the most important fashion accessory that you should have. In fact, its importance is highlighted by the fact that it is difficult if not impossible to see a person that has no shoe. Nobody goes out even for a casual outing let alone a formal event without wearing any footwear. This is why shoes are said to be among the most important fashion accessories that you cannot do without. But as normal with every other fashion accessory, it is available in a number of types, brands, designs and styles. There are some types that are suitable for a particular type of occasion or event. If you are going for a formal event for example, it is not every type of shoe that you can use for such event. There are shoes meant for formal ceremonies and outings. The same thing is applicable to other events. Various shoemakers abounds also. Each of the brand is not equally made. Some have better quality than others. Given the availability of many brands, types, designs and styles of shoes, choosing the right shoe can be somewhat challenging. There are a number of factors that you should put into consideration when you want to buy a new pair of shoes. Here are some factors to consider regarding shoe buying guide.

What event do you want to use it for

As it has been said, different kinds of events and ceremonies require different kinds of shoe. The type of shoe meant for marriage is not the same type of shoe meant for picnicking or hiking. So, it is necessary that you take that into consideration when you want to buy a new pair of shoe. If you wear a shoe for casual outing to wedding, or you wear a pair of sport shoe to cocktail party, you will look odd and you will become an object of mockery. 

Consider the brand

This is another important factor to consider when you want to buy your shoe. Some brands have distinguished themselves in the industry in terms of the quality and style of shoes they make. If you want to get a quality pair of shoe, you should look for a brand that has name. If you buy such a brand of shoe, you are at least 90% sure of getting a quality shoe. This means that the shoe will last for a long time for you. You will not be buying shoe for a long time on necessity unless for fashion reasons.

Consider your feet shape and arch type

No two person have exactly the same feet shape and arch type. So, when you want to buy a shoe, you should buy a pair of shoe that perfectly match with your arch and shape of feet if you don't want to be discomfort or be in pain when you put on the shoe. If you buy a pair of shoe that does not match with your feet shape and arch type, the shoe will not perfectly fit and you will not wear it for long hours otherwise you will be in serious pain.

Buy a shoe that perfectly fit

This is the most crucial factor to consider. Make sure that you try out the shoe you want to buy before making payment. Wear the shoe and see how it fits. Try making some steps to see if it is larger than your feet or if it perfectly matches. Buy the shoe during the afternoon when your feet might have swollen. If you buy it in the afternoon, there is the probability, the shoe will become painful to your feet during the afternoon period when your feet have swollen up.

The above are some  of the tips you should apply when you want to buy a shoe.