Everyone will eventually give during their life a send off speech. It is inevitable, because at one point or another you will have to change your work place or retire. And of course you will have to give a speech. It’s not the hardest thing in the world, but if you have a fear of speaking in public then you might need some help. You might get lost due to your nervousness so in this article I will show you some topics that most of these send off speeches revolve around. The main things you will need to focus on are the memories you have formed with the people with which you worked. And another big category of topics may refer to things you always wanted to say to your boss but you couldn’t, but that should always be done in a very funny way so no one gets upset. Other things you can refer to are preserving the legacy you have left in the company and talking about what your plans for the future are. But let’s move on and go into specifics about what the main topics for a farewell speech are:

1.    Thank everyone for their collaboration. The first topic you should always start a send off speech is showing everybody how grateful you are for the way you have communicated and collaborated with your co-workers. Even if there were some tough times, and you had misunderstandings with some of your team mates you need to take into consideration the fact that you have spent a very big part of your life at work, so it could have been much worse. You need to think of the big picture and make sure you are fair and kind to everyone you mention in your speech.

2.    Remember the good old days. Especially at a retirement send off speech almost everybody expects you to talk about the good old days, because let’s face it, everybody has these preconceived notion that there is such a thing as the good old days when people were nicer, wages were higher and taxes were lower. The good old days are more like a myth, because you always associate the best period of your life to the time when you were younger, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk about them in a much idealized way. You will just be inspiring the next generation to strive for something better.

3.    Reminisce funny moments. Of course no send off speech would be complete without a funny anecdote. Make sure you make room for such a moment in your speech, and to assure the greatest impact you should place at the middle of your monologue. It most often starts like this: “Remember the time when Bill fell into the toilet…” or something similar. Even if you don’t have comedic timing, or if you can’t tell a funny story, just remembering a funny moment which everybody took part in will bring a smile to everyone’s faces.   

4.    Joke about the boss because now you can. My favorite part about any send off speech is the fact that you can finally say anything you want about your boss without any repercussions. Of course if you didn’t like the guy just throwing him some tough words will just be seen as petty. I believe that a more subtle way of getting back at him is by using irony.

5.    Talk about some of the great achievement. It is important in a speech like this to take note of all the great things you and your team have managed to do over the years. Talk about some of the most challenging projects, and the tough situations that you managed to get out of.

6.    Challenge your co-workers to carry on your legacy. Of course we will get to the very emotional part of the speech at the end. In this part you will have to try to mobilize everybody to do their best at work, by giving them your own example.

7.    Talk about what you plan to do next. And at the very end you need to reassure everybody that you will keep very busy, and you will finally get to do everything you have put off for a long time, hobbies in particular.

A send off speech is an emotional time in every work place and I believe it has to be treated with the upmost care. You need to make sure you mention in your speech everyone who meant a lot to you and at the same time be able to reassure everybody that this doesn’t mean your friendship with them is over. It doesn’t take a lot of talent to give a good farewell speech; all you really need to do is to be honest and caring.              



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