Snoring seems to be a thorn in the flesh of many people. There are today a lot of devices advertised as anti-snore products. Some of these products look bizarre and unfortunately, many snorers have spent their money on these products in their efforts to put an end to their snoring habits but their problems still remained unsolved. So, if you are a snorer, rather than spending your money on these products, there are a number of self help cures to stop snoring that you can practice. Some of these techniques are very effective and have given positive results to people that have tried it. Before explaining these techniques, it will be good to mention that it is not every self help cure for stopping snoring that is good for you. It is your situation or the cause of your snoring that will determine suitable method for you. Given this, it is important that you first discover the cause of your snoring. Finding out the cause is the first step to stopping it. Below are some of the likely cause of snoring.


  • Problem wit the tongue (it may be that you have problem with your tongue if your mouth is closed when you are snoring)
  • problem with the tissue of the throat (in this case you mouth will be open as you are sawing log)
  • bad sleeping habit (if you snore when you lie on your back during sleep, it is more likely that your sleep style is the major cause of your snoring)
  • snoring when you sleep regardless of the sleeping position (you should go for a total treatment)


Self remedies to snoring

Lifestyle changes

There are certain lifestyles that induce snoring. So, if you are not happy with your snoring habit, you should consider changing your lifestyle. Some of the lifestyle changes that may be of great help to you include losing weight to reduce the accumulation of fat in the throat and neck region which is one of the causes of snoring, doing exercise to achieve tone throat muscle may reduce your snoring habit, saying no to tobacco smoking because it causes airways blockage by irritating the nose's and throat's membranes, establishing regular sleep partner like going to bed and waking up at a particular time and avoiding alcoholic consumption before bedtime (this and certain sleeping pills and sedative can cause you to snore by relaxing your throat's muscles

Bedtime remedies

There are some bedtime remedies that you should apply in order to put an end to snoring. Below are some of these bedtime remedies to help eliminate or reduce snoring.

  • Clearing of nasal passages to make inhalation easy and to avoid creating vacuum in your throat which can result in snoring
  • Using a humidifier to keep your bedroom air moist because the nose and throat membranes are irritated when the air is dry
  • ease breathing by repositioning or elevating your head 4 inches high (you can buy specially made pillows for achieving this)
  • Lie on your side while sleeping rather than lying on your back
  • say no to heavy meals and caffeinated drinks about two hours before going to bed

Throat exercise

There are some throat exercises that you can perform to clear your throat and tone the muscle of the throat. These exercise can help you to reduce or avoid snoring. For example, curling the tongue in specific manner while pronouncing certain vowel sounds repeatedly can help to tone and strength the muscle of the respiratory track and this help you to avoid snoring. Find some of these exercises and try them out. They are not difficult to be perform and they will help you to reduce or stop snoring.

With the above self help cures, you can reduce or eliminate snoring without spending a dime on any anti-snoring product.