Man has to learn and become accustomed to seductive tips. Seduction is inevitable in any relationship. Therefore, it is exclusively relevant to learn how to throw a seductive pass to your woman. Many of these tips will be highlighted in this article.


The tips proper

Give her a sexy touch. Don’t be afraid to give her a simple but sexy touch. Many guys are afraid of doing this. You need to initiate the touch. If the touch is gentle but not coarse, then you are assured that she will cooperate with you. Assuming that you are walking or standing, you can initiate the gentle touch by just resting your hand on her back with just a little pressure.


Supposing, you sit side by side, gently place your hand on her knees and leave it to be there for just few seconds. After that, you can begin to chat while you gradually remove your hand by slightly brushing it on her knee to create a romantic feeling. If you don’t have the gut to touch and chat simultaneously, then you can practice it during movie time.


Offer her a sexy rub either on the foot or on the shoulder. Most women will never reject a free massage. It is best implemented when both of you are watching an interesting movie or in a cinema. If it is a foot rub, be sure to focus on just one foot at a time. Ensure that the movement of your hand is slow enough with little pressure. This is how you get your feedback. If the girl gives a sigh or she closes her eyes, then you are just doing the right thing.


You can keep the pressure and sustain the job. If the rub you are giving is on the shoulder, don’t be too carried away not to mistakenly slip your hand under her shirt. Keep it going and maintain little pressure. Your aim is to let her always want some more of the massage even when you deliberately or indelibrately stop the massaging. So always let her want more.


Make her want for more. Once you commence the massaging operations and you stop a little, and your girl touches you, nudges at you trying to make contact or becomes blunt that you should keep massaging, then know that you are doing a well done job. This is one of the ways you will know that your massaging job is perfectly executed.


Hit the target. If all the passes you have been making have given you positive responses from the beginning, then your next step is to hit the target. At that point, you are almost irresistible. If you give her a kiss at this point, it will be yours truly. What it means is that the girl will not show any form of rejection to anything you offer her at this point. When you give her this kiss, let it be soft and light but not hard. Keep the pressure going in that manner.