If a man should move an inch from seduction and cross to the other side of the red line, the procedures or tips must be followed to the letters. The art of seduction must be mastered very well. The mastery is what will grant you the visa to go beyond. How do you seduce to cross over the red line?


Going beyond seduction

Aim your partner’s erogenous zones. These zones are parts or areas of the body where nerve endings are located. As a result of the nerve endings, they are highly sensitive. Some of these areas are the neck, the bottom, the back of the thigh, the breast and so on. When you aim on these areas, the girl will of course be sensitizes, she will get the message that you are trying to pass and so there must a reaction for that action. If you display mastery in your art of seduction, you are sure you will get a positive response. Assuming that you get a positive response, how then do you proceed? Commence with some soft touches.


When you get a green light, quickly move on to the next level which is recommended to be a light kiss. Don’t just hurriedly jump to the next stage when there is no signal to move on. Give a soft kiss or peck to the throat, the neck, the collar bones, the ears, the abdomen, feet and toes. As progress from one area to another, it is expected that the seductive emotion is highly sustained. Some very obvious and more sensitive areas that must be touched are the breast, the buttock and the genital. One or two of these obvious areas is usually the key point or the red line of some girls. Once these areas are touch, some girls lose control almost immediately. And you have easy passage to wherever you want to go.


Don’t ever be in a hurry. Make sure you don’t lose control over yourself. You aren’t going anywhere. So don’t unnecessarily be in haste. Move at a very slow pace while you continuously enjoy yourself. Women generally take some time to get aroused. So be ready to give her all the time to catapult her into the realm of emotional famine as she demands more of the fun. It is even recommended that you don’t easily give in when she so much demand it. Assure her she will get it while you continue with the touching or slowly performing the job!


Why not do the teasing game. When you touch or caress a certain area and you observed that your partner so much enjoy that part and demands for more or demands that you should not leave the area, just play around that area but don’t touch it. Do as if you wanted to touch that place but move back and forth. However, will finally move on to that spot and perform the job there. This creates and broadens her emotional horizon as she enjoys it more.