Many girls may have an interest in a guy but are so much restricted by virtue of societal stigma to achieve their aims. Coming out to say that you love a guy eye ball to eye ball with the guy is often view with some stigmas in the society. You don’t have to say it if you are afraid of what people will classify you. But the joy is that action speaks louder than voice. You can give your action a voice and pass the message right to your admirer to decode it. This works by seducing the guy in question. To those who are already in a relationship, you can juice it up by seduction techniques.


Common spice it up now!

Make frequent eye contact with him. Generally men can easily decode any signal that women send to them. They know exactly what women desire on receiving the signal. Make sure that you make very frequent eye contact with him. As you make the eye contact, ensure it is done with a sexy smile on your face. You will be sending a powerful signal to his spine. He will respond back with a smile or an action of acceptance.


Why not assist him to relax. Sometimes, men are unresponsive as a result of stress. You can help him to dissipate the stress by offering assistance to relax him. You can make his supper for him as the two of you shower together after or before the supper. Taking a shower together may initiate the seduction or even both of you may start the act right in the bathroom!


Bring out those old pictures. You can remind and rekindle your love by bringing out your youthful old pictures. As you chat over the pictures, remembers how both of you were so much available and care for each other and he wants to replicate same again.


You can boost his sexual drive. There are things that you can prepare for him to take that will boost his sexual affinity. For an instance, pomegranates have been discovered to boost the sexual drive of both men and women. If he is aware of the function of the drink, he already knows what your message is. Some other foods can also perform the same job.


Both of you should engage in physical exercise or sport. As you do sport together, like playing tennis or running and catching game; it provides body touches and highly stimulates the levels of testosterone and estrogen. The games will enable flirting to set in and enhance perfect seduction which will make you to achieve your aim.


Engage him in discussion. Start a discussion of something you think he likes and get him deep into the discussion. As you talk, also allow him to talk as well. As you chat, slightly touch him with smiles and with some eye contacts. Let him be free with you in the discussion such that he feels at home and confident chatting with you.