How to save money as a student


While in school, there are a lot of challenges you have to face. Finance is one of them and perhaps, the most demanding of them all. For you to have a comfortable learning environment, having some cash at all times is very essential. Considering the financial demands of campus life, you might be faced with the problem of not being able to save for the rainy day. Here are a few tips that could change your story:

  • Cut your coat your size

It can be very difficult to save if you have friends who do not. They might have a seemingly incessant allowance but you do not. They can initiate you into a spending habit you might not be able to come out of. Go for things in your class and not theirs. If you can’t change their extravagance, you might as well change your friends.


  • Find two-for-one bargains 

If you wish to save, you must always look for means of spending less for whatever you think you really need. Adopting a two-for-one system of purchasing can help save you so much money when shopping. For your books, you can go for clearance ones. After all, they convey the same message with the so-called new ones they are buying. When it comes to your apartment, you can rent out part of it. Comfort is still on the way coming.


  • Find distractions

They will always like you to go out and socialize. It is indeed necessary but can trigger more spending if you are yet to learn some restraint. You can go for the cheaper ways of socialization like, going for some tennis or football. However, staying at your lodge won’t be that boring if you invite a few friends and enjoy a gist session with them. You can watch a movie or play some video games together. It can give you some feelings of contentment that will keep your mind off the spending track.


  • Sell off when you don’t need them

Nothing, at the moment, should matter to you more than getting to have your graduation party. Selling off the things you no longer need can enhance the crossing of this Rubicon. It could be clothes, books, electronics etc, sell them off and use the money for more necessary things.


  • Offer academics-related services

Whether it is in your locality or online, there are lots of services you can render to people and get paid for them. Offer extra-mural classes to students below your level if you can. Online, freelancing can earn you a lot of cash. However, mind you, this shouldn’t be at the detriment of your studies.


  • Open an interest-yielding bank account

Do you know some banks offer interests to students for their patronage? Well, some do and taking advantage of that can help your finances. Always pull out a percentage of your allowances and deposit them to this kind of account and see yourself become more independent than you can ever imagine.


  • Sticking to your buget

You can indulge in impulse purchase on two similar occasions; when you want what you don’t need and when you purchase what you don’t want. It can be very tempting to blow money on stuffs you consider good. That the stuff is good does not mean you want it. On the other hand, that you want it does not mean it is a necessity at the moment. Think before you splash the cash.

If you can save money while in school, then you can save money under any condition. The tips above are magical. Adopt them and never be hard up for cash.