Sales person is the face of the company in the market and represents the company, therefore salesperson duties and responsibilities are vast and of high importance to the company. The sale person being the representative of the company helps establish the identity and image of the company in the market and is equally responsible to the consumers also, thereby playing a crucial role of an interlink.


Salesperson duties & responsibilities can be defined as…


Face of the company: The sales person is the one who goes into the market and sells the products for the company, this way he is the one primarily responsible for establishing the identity of the company. Anything he does, good or bad is the liability or asset to the company. Therefore for a company which has done million dollar investments in the production capabilities lays a big responsibility on the sales person as he is the one who manages the distribution channel, intermediaries, key consumers, financial transactions and key consumers. Therefore the entire business process for the territory is the wholesome accountability of the salesperson.


Source of Knowledge: Sales person is the one point stop for any type of product or related queries for the consumers of business parties. Therefore the sales person needs to be very Knowledgeable in terms of the product features, Price, competitive advantages and mode of use. Queries not just for the product but for aspects related to availability, bulk sales, grievances, tax related queries and feedback. To manage all this the sales person needs to be very informative and responsive in his approach. It is for this reason, all the sales persons are given a initial training, wherein they are briefed about the product details and its other aspects like sales, transactions & trade formalities.


Customer Relationship: One of the key aspect of gaining more consumers is to keep holding back the present one. Once the product is sold into the market, the actual sales process starts, not by just selling it. It is once the consumer has used the product, he or she should be transformed to a regular consumer so that the purchase keep on happening on regular basis. It is here, the Customer Relationship comes into play and for this the sales person must do a list of things ..

         Organizing feedback camps

         Calling consumers and meeting them on regular basis

         Early grievance settlement

         Wishing consumers on their special occasions for a personal touch

         Organizing trade fairs or events for increasing the noise level about the products


Maintain Profitability of the company: the prime reason for appointing a sales person is to get the sales and increase it on a regular basis. The motive behind this is to generate profits and maintain the profitability. As one of the main Salesperson duties & responsibilities, profits need to keep coming in and for this the sales person must focus on..

         Increasing genuine sales turnover

         Customer retention

         Increasing the consumer Base

         Maintaining the expenses to an optimum ratio

         Be cost-effective

         Cut down on inappropriate ways of promotion or publicity


Managing Inventory: The whole process of managing sales goes waste if the product is not there in the market as per the demand. Non-Availability of products on the shelf not only result in loss of sales but the consumer might shift to competitor Brand or might create a bad image of the company. Salesperson duties & responsibilities definitely demand for an effective Inventory management skill for

         an unhindered flow of products

         always keep a rich supply chain 

         first of all the payments should always be in good shape.


Market Feedback & competition: the Sales process is more about communication of features about the product and its relevant features in comparison to the competition. It is very important for the company or the product management department to be apprised of what’s happening in the market and equally for the competition and who else then our sales person can fit the requirement. Under Salesperson duties & responsibilities the sales person is supposed to update the parent company all about the current market information about the competition-

         schemes

         selling points

         consumer feedback

         discounts or promotional events


All this with an objective of helping the company to build the communication accordingly.

Ethics and Followup: While all this is being done the key Salesperson duties & responsibilities of the sales person is to do the entire activity in line with  the rule and regulation of the market. The sales person should never involve into gray market activities or sub-standard marketing gimmicks. This all to keep up the image of the company.

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