There are many people who are able to build a strong and lasting relationship. However, experience has shown that most relationships are problematic. There are many cases of breakups today. However, some of these problems would have been avoided if the people involved keep to simple relationship rules. You and your partner are the builders of your relationship. You can make it strong and weak. It all depends on how you handle each other. However, if you want to enjoy a healthy, thriving and lasting relationship, there are some relationship rules that you should keep. Here are some of the rules to abide by.

Keep working on your relationship

Relationship is a continuous process. This is one fact that most people don’t know. There is the tendency for some people to stop working on their relationship after enjoying successful relationship for years. But the truth is that you should not stop working on your relationship. We have seen breakup of relationships that have been successful for years. Most of the breakups occur because the people involved stop working on their relationship.

Make your partner your top priority

People tend to be very passionate and affectionate about people that value them more than any other thing in their life. You are most likely going to get love in return if you make your partner your utmost priority. Everybody wants proofs and constant reassurance that their partners still love and value them. You can only give this assurance by valuing your partner and making the person your top priority.

Don’t distance yourself from your partner

Distance or separation kills a healthy relationship. You should try to establish closeness in your relationship. Always make out time to be with your partner. If it is possible try to be alone with the person and converse with him or her. If your works of life do not permit you to stay very close to your partner all the time, you should try to bridge that gap by maintaining conversation with the person always. Don’t allow any day to pass without giving your partner a call.

Love your partner’s family members and friends

A relationship between two people has some social aspect. One relationship brings and connects many people together. So, you should not see your relationship as a thing between you and your partner only. You should also try to extend love to the members of your partner’s family and have a healthy relationship with them. If you love the people your partner loves, the person will reciprocate.

Make yourself available on bed

If you are into a marital union, it is necessary that you maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Don’t say no to your partner when he or she needs sex. Sex deepens love and strengthens affection. Besides, denial of sexual intercourse can lead to infidelity in marriage.

Don’t belittle your partner

You should not despise your partner no matter your social status or age. Once you are into a relationship with a person, you are bridging any differences existing between you and him/her. So, you are bound to respect the person regardless of her age, race and background.