Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

There shall be no love without lust, says the concept of love. Romance is one of the best things that a girl and a boy could share for each other. Romance is nothing but outspoken love.

Hey by the way, are you in love with your boyfriend or men? Congratulations. You must be, at this time, thinking about a few ways to impress him, right? Particularly, if you are new to love, you should have been confusing yourself about what to do and what not to! Let us discuss something of your interest here.

Romance: Love between a boy and a girl can be exhibited in different senses. Yet, romance always plays a crucial role. On the first hand, never think your guy doesn’t like romance. It might be true and okay from a girl’s perception that her guy should be romantic in the first half and he should start with it. It is of course true in most of the cases but not always. Always remember, love is a mutual feel. If you feel on the better side, go ahead. He always loves to be in romance with you. In fact, he might have expected you to be romantic for a long time. Do not feel shy at any moment. Even if it is so, do not over show. Be cool, lovable and pleasant.

Love Notes: This is simple yet worth, I tell you. Have you ever thought of Surprise notes? We shall, from now, call it Love notes. Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write “I love you, honey” in that piece of paper and leave it somewhere where your guy will often notice, maybe his table or bike, car.  Make sure you draft your signature to avoid confusions (pun intended). Stay behind and wait for his reaction. As he takes the paper and reads the content, I know you will appreciate me!

Get him his favorite dish: Men are sometimes sentimental. They always love to take something which is cooked by their beloved. Take this chance and please make sure you know what he likes in advance to avoid any disappointments. Also, take a trial cook twice or thrice and test it with your friends. When you cook for your guy, make sure you not only add ingredients but also add some love. I am pretty sure cooking is one of the best ways to make your guy feel addicted to you.

Surprise gifts: Gifts are something which pleases every human in this world. Your guy should be of no exception. Plan correctly. Know what he likes and suits him better. Guys in general are very much passionate about watches and electronic gadgets. Get him what he deserves and maintain it a secret. Oh, by the way, there is also a special way of giving the gift you bought. There is actually no matter in giving it to him as such. Let me tell you, a watch and an electronics gadget may not mean so much for a guy when it comes to money. But, when it is given by you, it needs to be much special. Create a nice ambience of love and a romance mood. Go ahead with a warm hug and a passionate kiss and say, “Love, here’s my special gift for you”. Okay, I know you will appreciate me again. Thank you.

Chat about him to your friends: Girls, as per the universal law chat much more than a boy. No offence. But how do we take it for a romance? Oh, that’s Quite Simple. Know what? There shall exist no one who doesn’t like his girl speaking about him to her friends. But the only thing is ‘Be Positive’. Make sure he also listens to your chat with your friends and that you don’t notice him for whatever reasons it might be. Okay, after a nice chat, as you meet him the next time or moments later, I bet you will get the most passionate kiss you ever would have got. Tell him that you spoke only the truth and what he deserved, only if he asks about your chat with your friend.

Loneliness: Loneliness increases love. Believe me, when you both are not with each other for quite a long time, you feel so much in romance. Try making him long for you for at least sometime. Watch the reaction!

There are also lots of other romantic things to be done to make your boyfriend get too much attached to you. Whenever you do something especially romantic you can very well notice the expressions that are created on your boy friend’s face. It will be one of the greatest achievements that you have made in your life. When you focus on doing the most romantic things for your boy friend, he will feel that without you his life will not be fulfilled.

In order to surprise your boyfriend get some movie tickets for the film that both of you are interested to go. Give him those tickets and ask him to take you to that movie. He will be happy.

All the best for a romantic life!


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  1. There are some great ideas in the list and I'm sure they'll work a treat! It is really important to keep the romance going and it can fade into the background if people don't try and keep things romantic. It is just lovely to know that a partner is thinking of ways to show their love.
    How about showing how much you love your partner with a pencil portrait of the two of you from your fave photo? Remind him every day of how happy you are to be with him.

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