Do you know that there is no relationship in any marriage that lacks romance. Yes, it is difficult to have a healthy marriage if it is not romantic. Making it romantic is bringing emotion and passion to it and these aspects relationship help to build up love. If you want to make your relationship stronger and healthier, you have to be romantic and emotional in dealing with your partner. Here are romantic ideas to help you spice up your marriage.

Shower together

One of the ways of making your marriage emotional is to shower together at least occasionally with your partner. However, it is not a question of showering. You to make it romantic. There is different ways of making it romantic. For example, you can play with your partner as you are getting in the bathroom with him or her. For example, splashing water on him or her unexpected is a good way of starting a play. 

Coupon book play

Develop a coupon book writing items that you will present to your husband as gifts. You can put the coupon in a small box, notebook or envelope. They will redeem them anytime they like. For example:

backrub coupon

special dishes coupon

good leather shoe coupon

Coupon for….. (leave the gap for them to fill it in)

Reading for him or her

One of the ways of making your relationship to be romantic is to read your partner. However, it is not just reading as if you are studying for an exam. It is reading for fun and romantically.  You can read for him with your romantic voice while you are putting on something that can spark off passion in him or her.

Feed him with your finger

Though some people may consider eating with bare fingers as very uncivilized. But you can use such practice to bring romance in your relationship. All you need to prepare a meal that one eats with the fingers. Then dine together with your partner. As you dining, try feeding him. This provides the opportunity for both of you to lick your fingers. It can be very romantic eating in such a manner.

Take your partner to show

There is nothing as romantic and fun as going for shows together with your partner. It is an opportunity to show your partner that you are proud of him or her and you value your relationship with him. There are different types of shows to go together with your partner. It must not be a night outing. You can watch a live football match with him or her or attend a concert or music with him. It provides opportunity for you to be together with your partner.

Make a path with something romantic and emotional

You can create a path with items like candy gold coins, rose petals and candy kisses to places like your bedroom, kitchen or dining or living room and then wait there with your partner's favorite drink or if you have bought him or her a gift, you can also present the gift there.

Write love notes

Write some sexy and love note and keep it during the day in a place they may not expect to find such a note.  Some of the nice places to put the notes are their wallets, purse, pockets, iPad case, visor of their car, car seat and the likes.

These are some of the ideas you can use to introduce romance to your marriage.