There is no other better time to have a perfect romantic time with your spouse or your lover. It is a great feast which also comes up towards the end of the year and this makes it a perfect time for couple to stay and have nice time together after the toiling of the year. Here are some tips to apply in order to play something great which will ever remain permanent in your people's memory. 

Offer an impressive Christmas gift to her

As it has been mentioned above, Christmas is a great feast, an extraordinary day of the year and thus it should call for something extraordinary. Probably, you have been  buying some gift items to your partner for various reason. But for this special occasion, you have to do something extraordinary because it is extraordinary. A nice Christmas gift idea for a loved one should be an embodiment of planning, creativity and thought. Those three elements are very important because at the end you will come up with something great and extraordinary. Besides, it is also a way of reciprocating your partner because he or she will also put some thought, planning and creativity when choosing a nice gift for you.

Look for something in vogue

Every year something new and unique normally comes out in the market. Some may be very common that everybody out there in the street has it while some may be so unique and pricey that only a few people have it. If you want to offer your partner something great, unique and memory, you should go for items that are in vogue and not very common. Definitely, he or she will value the item greatly.

The gift of your time

Many people only think of gift items when they are looking for something to make the Christmas great for their loved one or spouses. There is nothing wrong with that after all, it is important that you concretize your love for your significant order. However, a lot of people forget to offer their time. There is nothing as precious in relationship as availability. All these while, you have leaving the house early in the morning to come back in the evening time and thus having little or no time to spend together with your significant order. But this time around, it is the holiday period. You are mostly available. Why not consider spending a full day or evening with your partner. Go out together, chat and play together. Simply put, be available to your partner for a long hour. Forget other things, your to do list, make no appointments with any one, forget any meeting and stay with your loved one. 

It may seen that spending a whole day or even the entire holiday period with your partner may become boring. However, it will not if you plan it very well. There are a number of things to do together in order to avoid any boredom. Here are things to do together to make the day great and not boring.

Sit, chat and listen to each

All these while, a lot has happened and you have not got anytime to talk and share experiences together. This is a perfect opportunity for you people to tell each other stories you have been keeping in your mind. But be careful; don't dominate the discussion. Give your partner time to tell his or her story and make sure you listen to him or her as the story is going on.

Cook together

Whether you like cooking or not or whether or not you are a good cook, it can be romantic and interesting to join your partner in the kitchen. It is a perfect moment to relax, laugh at your inexperience in the kitchen, learn from each other and appreciate each other's cooking talents.

Practice some art 

You can create a photo album together your partner.

Watch a nice movie together

Watching a movie or a TV program together with your partner is another means of passing nice time together to make the day great and not boring.

The above are some of the tips to apply in order to have a romantic Christmas holiday with your partner.