Right Words To Express Sympathy

How many of us flounder to find the right words to express sympathy to our dear family members, friends and relatives at the loss of someone dear to them? We are left with no words to express our condolences at their hour of grief or bereavement. In such situations we are left with a loss of words which puts us in a very embarrassing situation. Many of us forget that a few simple steps go a long way in helping us convey our sympathies in a better way. Let us now look at these steps.


1. Sometimes when you have no words it is advisable to be available at the difficult moment beside the grieving family. Your presence provides enough strength and act as appropriate way to express sympathy.


2. If it is someone really close and you have to attend the funeral then conveying a condolence after laying  a wreath or placing a bouquet of flowers on the coffin and saying ‘I am sorry about the sudden death of your……..’ This is one of the simplest statements that one can learn by heart and go and say it at the funeral.


3. Another way of expressing sympathy is talking about the good qualities of the person who passed way for e.g. ‘He/She was such kind person who helped the poor and the needy…..’Or you can also talk about the person’s popularity.’ He/She was such a popular person in his organization. He did so much and so on……’


4. Many people find it difficult to express themselves verbally. When caught in such embarrassing situations sending a note of condolence or a sympathy card is the best way to express our sympathy.


5. Many unfortunate incidents occur in our lives. There may be many reasons to express sympathy. For e.g. a friend or relative may have lost his job or may have faced heavy losses in his business. In such situations also it is important to express our sympathy and also offer our help. For e.g. here we can say or write’ I am sorry to hear about the loss of our job. It is very unfortunate that such a thing should happen to a hard working like you, but you are a brave person you will pull out of this situation as soon as possible. My best wishes are with you’


6. Another way of expressing our sympathy to a person who has faced a loss of exceptionally large amounts of money in his business. A note of sympathy written with great caution without hurting the ego or the sentiment of the person e.g. ‘you are a great businessman. You have overcome the greatest of obstacles with grit and determination. Have faith in God this phase will also pass away and you will put your business back on the right track. All my best wishes are with you.’


7. People who have pets and are very close to them and consider them as a family member. When a pet passes away expressing sympathy over the loss of the pet shows our care and concern for the person. Another way of expressing sympathy over the loss of the pet can be for e.g’It is unfortunate that you lost your little Molly. She was an amazing little pet, very faithful and very loyal. May God give you the strength to bear this loss’


8. Many of us have different ways of conveying our messages. People who are very conversant in a particular language express their sympathies and condolences using the eloquence of the language that is required for e.g. writing a poem of grief and sadness after the loss of a dear friend or relation. This can only be done by people who are confident of expressing themselves on paper.


9. If found in difficult and embarrassing situations such as these then buying a card with a poem written on it is the best way to get way with. It at least shows that you cared about conveying your feelings to the bereaved family.


10. Many people nowadays also express their sympathy by publishing the demise of their near and dear ones in the newspaper. Words of sympathy to the bereaved family along with comforting words to whichever religion the deceased belonged to for e.g. for the Hindus words from the Bhagvad Gita, Christians quote words from the Bible and the Muslims through the Quran



Whatever our mode of expressing ourselves when the right words are used it adds meaning and great depth in the way we are conveying our grief or expressing our condolences. Even the person receiving a condolence message or a message expressing any kind of sympathy is deeply touched by this warm and caring gesture.


We must always remember to use the right words when expressing our sympathy; it goes a long way in offering relief to a broken heart and a grieving soul.   



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