A motorbike or motorcycle is any type of vehicle that runs on two tires and that is powered mechanically with fuel or gas. The major difference between a motorcycle and a bicycle is that the former gets its power from fuel or gas while the latter depends on the rider in order to move, that is, the rider pushes the pedals in order to provide the force that moves the bicycle. Today, there are a good number of people that make ride motorcycle either for pleasure or to commute around. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of riding a motorcycle either for pleasure or for commuting. Below are some of the advantages as well as disadvantage of riding a motorbike.


Cost effective

Commuting with a motorcycle is very cost effective when compare with other means of transportation. First, the cost of buying a motorcycle is not as expensive as the cost of buying a car. You can buy two or even three motorcycles with the amount you will require in order to buy a car. Secondly, motorcycles do not consume much fuel like cars. If you fill your motorcycle with fuel, you may use it to commute for the entire day and it will not exhaust. But this is not the case with cars. The tank capacity of some cars are above 50 gallons which can be exhausted within day depending on the distance you cover. But you can hardly find a motorcycle whose tank capacity is up to 20 gallons. The fuel capacity of some motorbikes are between 4 to 10 liters which will enough for days commuting.

Parking cost

The cost of parking a motorcycle is cheaper when compared with the cost of parking a car. This is because parking is charged according to space occupied by vehicle as well as the market value of the vehicle to be parked. Cars occupy more space and their market values are very high when compared with those of motorcycles and thus they are charged higher than motorcycle. Even at home, you will not have much parking problem. You need a little space in order to park your motorcycle.

Maintenance cost

It is less expensive to maintain a motorcycle than to maintain a car. Motorcycles parts are not very expensive when compared with the parts of cars. So, one can easily buy new parts of motorcycles than those of cars. Besides, the repair works done on a motorcycles are not highly charged as repair work done on vehicles.

Better maneuverability 

Motorcycles offers a great maneuverability which vehicles do not offer. It is not as huge as a vehicle and thus a little space is enough for you to pass. During traffic jams, you can easily move through small spaces than motorists. Motorcycles can be driven on narrower roads and street more easily than cars.

Getting a better view of the city

If you are commuting with a motorcycle or you are cruising with a motorcycle, you will get a better view of the town or city than a person commuting or cruising with car. There is nothing that will block your view. 


The major disadvantage is that riders are at higher risk of accidents than motorists. Motorcycle accidents can be very fatal. You need to put on the helmet and other safety gears if you're riding a motorbike.