One of the painful experiences that most married couples find difficult to forgive or forget is an affair of their spouses with the opposite sexes. Most married couples no matter how free and laissez-affair the may be will not tolerate their spouses having an affair with the opposite sexes or an affair that involve relationship. Apart from the fact that such occurrences are painful and very difficult to forget, it can also have a damaging effect on the children. Given this, it is advisable that married couples should stay away from any form of extra marital affair. If you are having an extra-marital affair or you planning to have it, you should take note of the following the risks involved in such affairs and stay away from it.

Extra-marital affair can lead to distrust in marriage

Extra-marital affair is a betrayal of trust. Definitely, if your spouse finds out that you are into another relationship or you are having an affair with another person, he or she will no longer trust you. Even when you have learnt your lessons and resolved not to get involved in it again, it will be difficult for him or her to trust you again. The best the person can do is to manage to trust you. His or her mind will also go back to your betrayal anything the issue of betrayal comes up. 

An extramarital affair can cause some emotional trauma on the children and other family member

In most cultures and traditions, it is an abominable act for a married person to have an affair with another person especially with another married person. The case is worst when it involves a woman. Given how abominable it is and how the society frowns at such act, the children of a the person that is involved in affair may suffer some psychological trauma. It may puncture their sense of self-ego. They may be object of mockery among other their peers. The same fate awaits not just the family members but also the spouse of the guilt person.

An affair can have economic consequences

Many people may not be aware of this. But having an affair can have economic consequences. A spouse having an affair goes to any length to conceal it from the partner. So, he or she does extra-ordinary things and spend money on something that he or she will ordinarily avoid. For example, he or she has to spend in paying for hotels room where he or she will meet with her other partner. Even when they are going for ordinary date and outing, it has to be places where they will not be found by the other person. Such action will definitely results in increment in monthly expenditure.

An affair can be stressful

Indeed, having an extra-marital affair may seem to be fun but it can be stressful to a certain extent. This is because you are doing something that you will not like any person to know. So, you put much effort trying to conceal it. Sometimes, you will feel uneasy, when it seems that your real partner will find out.