Trust is one virtue that is very necessary for a successful relationship. It takes time for one to build trust in another person. If it is destroyed after it has been built, it could be almost impossible for one to rebuild it completely. Supposing that you have 100% trust on your spouse and you later discovered that he or she is having an affair with your best friend, definitely, it will be difficult for you to get over the trauma let alone forgiving him or her. Such a occurrence will make it difficult for you to trust any person at all let alone trusting your partner again. You are much likely going to ask yourself the reason why you should trust him or her again.

The reason why most people find it difficult to rebuild trust after an affair is because it is a betrayal. It creates an indelible wound on the heart. However, it is not impossible for such a wound to be healed. The truth betrayal can be an opportunity to build up love. Sometimes, after a betrayal comes a strong resolve not to repeat ones mistake. Most people learn how painful and bad betrayal can be after becoming a culprit. If you understand this fact, you will see the reasons why you should forgive your spouse when he or she is truly sorry for what he or she has done.

There are two principles that you should abide by in order to regain your trust on your partner again. The first is the principle of having joint agreement. According to this principle, you should always have an agreement with your partner in whatever you are doing. The agreement must meet the need of both of you. If your spouse actions satisfy your interest and needs, then you will feel offended. You will be happy with him or her and thus see more reasons why you should trust him or her again.

The second principle that you apply that will help you to regain your trust is the principle of radical honesty. According to this principle, you should disclose to yourself to your partner. This means that you should not hide anything from him or her. He or she should know your feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes, habits, plans for the future, personal history and others. If you and your partner put this principle into practice, it simply means that both of you have nothing hidden from each other. The policy of radical host honesty guarantees transparence. The couple in marriage knows what each is doing. If you think that your partner is transparent, you will not have any problem trust him or her even after a betrayal.