Most employers cut cost during office move by relying on their staffs for certain tasks such as cleaning of files, documents, desk, office storage units and others. However, whether it is the duty of the staffs to do such tasks or not, you have to ensure that they take the necessary procedures and precaution to avoid exposure to dust, dust mite and mold. If you don't take the right steps and your staffs are exposed to these inhalation hazards, aggrieved staffs can initiate a court action against you. This is why it is important that you take the necessary precaution not to just to avert any lawsuit but to help your staffs. Below are some of the recommended procedures and precautions to take for staff cleaning.


Inspect the material for mold

Mold is a fungus that is present in any place but in inactive state. It will only become active when there is favorable condition for its existence. You may not see it with your naked especially when it still its nascent stage. However, there are mold remediation services that have the necessary tools, expertise and knowledge to determine the existence of mold in any place. You can hire such service in order to determine whether or not your files and documents are contaminated by mold and other fungi or microorganism that will constitute some problems to your staff.


Provide them with machine washable clothes

It is advisable that you provide your staffs with machine washable clothes to be worn during cleaning. An overall covering type of clothes is the ideal. So, they will not have any contamination. The clothes should be machine washed so that after cleaning, they can easily wash it to keep it ready for the next time they will continue with the cleaning tasks in case they are not able to complete it on the same day.


Provide them with gloves

Gloves provide cover to the fingers, palm and even the arm depending on how lengthy it is. It is available in a number of types in the market. But you should not buy any close you see. What determines a suitable glove is the type of hazard available in the place as well as the cleaning solutions to be used. If you are using bleach and cleaning agents, you have to look for gloves suitable for the cleaning agents you prefer.


Provide respirator or face mask

Inhalation hazard becomes airborne once they are present. So, you have to ensure that your staffs do not breathe in these microorganisms by providing them with respirator. There are half mask respirator with HEPA filter and disposable half-mask respirator. What determines the right respirator to buy is the type of inhalation hazard that is present. For example, if your office, files or documents they will clean are contaminated with mold, you have to provide them with respirator featuring HEPA filter because it will offer them a better protection.


Educate them on the potential hazard

It is important to educate your staffs on the potential hazards, so that they will know exactly what are involved. If you don't educate them, they will not know what and what are involved or even appreciate the reason why they should take precaution and put on the tools provided to them.