Real Work Excuses – Get Smart About Them

Real Work Excuses is always about how innovative or creative you are. But do they really work? I bet they don’t. You have a real problem in hand and all it calls for is a solution. Excuses are mere diversions that serve no better purpose than a small doubt left inside the mind and heart filled up with unspoken emotions. Yes, if you feel that you have saved on a situation and have made inroads than think again. Your excuse might look as a face saving exercise and the other person might have given you another chance. Anything than a result is not acceptable no matter how many excuses you put behind it.


More than anything else it is a human instinct not to accept the failures and always reason out the inefficiencies. This becomes more difficult as you rise up the ladder and reach the position where mistakes are not acceptable. But they do happen and the human defense is always an excuse. Leave professional life, even in your personal life you try excuse in things which are expected out of you but have somehow got dropped. It’s a way of life but it misses a style. Yes, the style to win even in such situations and make your mark.


So, Let first list out why real work excuses don’t work and how to convert such situations to your advantage. In work you make an Excuse

1)    Because you have made a mistake

2)    You miss a timeline

3)    You don’t get results

End Result is

1)    You make an excuse

2)    You try to Prove it

3)    You support it with facts, figures and assumptions.

But do you think they really work? No, Never……. Why?

1)    People know the truth, especially your boss

2)    They can reason out the truth

3)    They can always think of the truth



Finally, No matter what you think, they would think of you as

1)    A loser with bad explanation

2)    Person who has failed and is now using a cover

3)    Person who would soon need to be exposed.

This needs to be changed. Why?????

Because you have to Win. No matter what, even if you have made a mistake you need a strategy where bad situations should help you grow leave apart the good one’s.

Is this Possible?

Yes in certain situations……… How?

Admit you are Wrong. Say That you are Wrong. Blame yourself for the mistake.

Blame Yourself Badly for the Mistake.

Yes, Do it. You might think that by blaming yourself

1)    People would think you to be inefficient

2)    They will kick your back

3)    They will throw you out

Wrong, They would do nothing like that. Because by Blaming Yourself

1)    You would take the responsibility of the point of contention

2)    People would have nothing to prove because you have proved it for them

3)    Their hidden agenda would have taken the beating

End Result

1)    They would be left with nothing but to offer you help

2)    They would be left with nothing but to sympathize with you

3)    They would be left with nothing but to show their understanding.


Yes, this is true. Imagine yourself in same situation

1)    Wont you offer help to the people who suffer

2)    Wont you offer advice to people you think need it badly

3)    Won’t you get ready to do anything for such people in order to help them sail out of the bad situation?

Infact, You would go a step ahead and

1)    Become flexible and adjusting

2)    Establish a better communication and relationship with the person

3)    You would establish a genuine friendship.

Remember, People have an inherent need to feel smarter than you are. Satisfy that need.



Try this in your Personal life too.

Example- If you always get late for date and catch up a fight.

Next time rather than giving an excuse, Blame yourself

1)    Blame Yourself how bad you are

2)    Blame yourself, how you miss on promise

3)    Blame yourself, that how you don’t deserve to be there

And, See the Magic.

Do it tactfully, and you would see you won’t have to give any reasons.

Enjoy=Evening, Instead of, You=Excuse

This is proven. This makes Inroads. This helps you make new friends. This helps establish new relationship. This helps to cut down arguments.

This Helps You Win even when you are wrong

Better for those who always think they are never wrong.

Try It.


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