Medical experts have warned that tobacco smokers are liable to die you. If you are a smoker, you should harken to this warning and quit smoking. But the problem with smoking is that it is addictive. It contains nicotine which is additive. So, if you start smoking, you will find it difficult to quit it. But, even though it is difficult to quit smoking, it is not impossible to quit it. There are certain things you should do in order to stop smoking. Here are some tips to enable you to stop smoking no matter how addicted you are to it. 

Know why you want to stop smoking

Definitely, there are one or two reasons why you want to stop smoking. It may  be because health experts have warned that tobacco smokers are liable to die younger. It may be because your family members are not happy with your smoking habit. May be, you are afraid of the side effects of tobacco smoking. Indeed, it will be difficult for you to stop smoking if you have no reason to stop it. The reason why you want to stop it will serve as motivation or a force that will move you into smoking. However, for the reason to be able to propel you, it has to be strong enough to instill fire into you. For example, the fear of having lung cancer can mount fear on somebody to propel the person to stop smoking. Such a reason is strong enough.

Follow your resolution up with action

If you have resolved to stop smoking, then you have to back your resolution up with action. Stopping smoking is not something you will decide and quit it immediately. Many people have just decided to quit smoking but did not follow it up with medication or therapy. Just few days after their resolution, they went to back smoking. When the brain becomes used, it will crave for it when your body is lacking nicotine. This will cause you symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Try Nicotine Replacement therapy

Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco. If you stop smoking, you will not feel at ease. Nicotine withdrawal will cause you to feel depressed, irritable, frustrated or restless. The craving for nicotine may be too much for you to bear. Nicotine replacement will do you a lot of good. It will help to reduce the craving and urge to smoke. According to research, nicotine lozenges, gum and patches when combined with intensive behavioral program. If you are still smoking, you should not use these products. It will worsen your situation.

Request for Prescription Pills

If you don't want to use any product that contains nicotine, you can ask your doctor to prescribe nicotine withdrawal medications for you. These medications when they are taken reduce the affect of nicotine in the brain and thus reduces the cravings. While some of the medications make smoking less satisfying others help to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal such as lack of concentrations and depression. With the medications, you will be able to deal with the effect of tobacco smoking.

Go it with your friends

Quitting tobacco smoking is not something that you will do alone. You have to do it with the help of others. There are many ways others will help you to quit. Their encouragement alone is enough to make you quit smoking. They can even help to remind you of your reasons to quit smoking if you want to relapse to it again. This will spur you and ignite the zeal in you to continue moving further. You can talk to a counselor, join a support group or go for behavioral counseling therapy for quitting smoking.

Reduce stress

Nicotine helps to reduce stress and some people smoke as a means of dealing with smoke. So, if you stop smoking, you should look for alternative means of dealign with stress. Some of the ways of dealing with stress are regular massages exercise, yoga session, dancing and listening to music and many more.

The above are some of the things you should do in order to stop smoking.