A good conversation needs talent of speaking and listening. So, if you want to keep the conversation going, then you must be a good listener as well as a good speaker. If you have the ability to start a communication, but feel difficulty to keep it going, it means you need to know some helpful questions in order to keep a conversation going. And once you will learn some helpful questions that might help you in keeping the conversation going, then it would be easier for you to make the conversation or discussion interesting. The conversation does not go wrong when differences occur, but it goes wrong when two of you refuse to talk with each other and accept silence. Following are some helpful and interesting types of questions that may help you to keep the conversation going:


Talk about Mutual Friends or Relatives- Mutual friends and relatives always make the conversation interesting. If both of you have any common friend or relative, talk about them and it would definitely break the ice between the two of you. Whenever you meet new people, try to discover their friends and circle, it may be possible that you get any common friends, and then your conversation will go on easily. If both of you find out any mutual friend and acquaintance then you both would get interested in the conversation and try to meet next time again. In this way, the conversation will move on and you can find more common grounds to talk about.


Movies – If the conversation is missing some topics to talk about, then you can without difficulty change the conversation to latest movies or old movies or your favourite movies. The person will respond quickly on this matter because most of us enjoy watching movies. And once you start conversing about movies then you can get many topics coming out from the movie, like hero, heroine, director, any controversy related to the movie, story and so many other topics can be found. This conversation permits both of you to compare your opinions, or you can suggest each other different other good movies in between the conversation. So it’s a good idea to use movie associated questions in order to keep the conversation going.


Latest News and Current Affairs- If you follow news daily on a regular basis, then you will definitely have the vital knowledge of local, national and international news and events. Being updated about the current affairs and latest news in any case helps a lot. If you visit any social event for any cause then you must have the basic knowledge related to the social cause. And if you don’t follow news regularly and have to visit any social event then you can search the topic online and get the basic knowledge at least. This basic knowledge of the topic helps you a lot in taking part in the conversation actively, and you too can ask questions to keep the conversation going. On the other side, if your information will be interesting and relevant then you might get positive reply from the audience. And once you become aware of certain topics and current affairs, you will never feel anxious or nervous in facing the conversation, because you will also have the many questions waiting in your mind to come out and become the part of the conversation.


Weather- You may think this topic boring, but actually it’s not. If you are facing flood, draught, heat or any other extreme weather condition, then talking about these topics can be interesting. Discussing about weather situation or any natural disaster or nice and pleasant weather can keep the conversation going and make it interesting too. This can be even more interesting when you talk to someone from some other different region or area, because talking about different regions can keep the conversation interesting and you can exchange some interesting facts and knowledge with each other in between the conversation.


Sports- This is most likely the best topic to talk about, but if both of you have interest in sports.  While talking about sports you should keep in mind that the other person is also keen to discuss about sports related facts. Sports related topics do not create much negative feelings and keep the conversation going. Everyone have some favourite sportsman or favourite team or any favourite sport. Sports provide you many topics like you can discuss about the past, present and future seasons too. And both of you can enjoy the conversation.


Apart from these simple questions, there are few other things too that can help you in keeping the conversation going.  While conversing with someone, make proper eye contact for the better flow of the communication and show your interest in others. Giving smile to the person you are talking with shows that you are concern and having interest in talking with him. Maintain good body postures and gestures, it is always lively. So, you just need to follow above mentioned simple and handy tips and questions. Never use any complex or difficult topic in the conversation. Instead of using pauses like ‘um’ ‘uh’ you can better use pauses like ‘OK’ ‘alright’. So, boost your confidence and converse better.



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