Sometimes you have some questions on sex bothering you and on your mind, but they are just so embarrassing to ask. Some have resorted to using text messages or email to ask these questions without stating their personal information there. This is because of the societal stigma attached to such things. This article tends to mention and resolve these issues.

Sex questions and possible resolutions

Is it possible to pee on the bed during sexual intercourse? When you observe that there is a wet spot on the bed, the very first thing is to check the condom if it is still intact. If it is still intact, then conduct a check to see that it did not come from your partner. If these two checks are negative, then there you go. It has been proven by medical experts that for both male and female, there is always a small volume of fluid remaining in the bladder even after you have used the convenience. So if you make use of a sex position such as the missionary style, there is every likely hood that a pressure has been directed toward that area which will cause some leakages. So if this occurs once in a while, then worry less.

I don’t understand why I occasionally smile or laugh even uncontrollably during sexual intercourse. It is good to stress that sexual activity is an emotional and neurological activity. The emotional involvement is capable of triggering unexpected and amazing feelings. The reactions by virtue of emotions can be seen by the secretion of certain hormonal discharge, your feelings about the relationship and or your menstrual cycle status. It is expected that each person should know herself better probably than anyone else. You are expected to know your medical and emotional history. Should anything be wrong somewhere, discuss the issue with your partner or a medical expert for proper information, counsel and diagnosis if necessary.


Any worry for bleeding after sex? You must be sensitive to every health issues whether sex or not. The nature or circumstances surrounding the bleeding is to be taken into account. If the blood stain is as a result of erotic and energetic sexual game, then you need not to be worried as it may be due to sexual friction or irritation. However, if the blood stain is of a good quantity, then it is recommended that you report to your partner and then proceed to book an appointment with a medical expert.

How is it possible for someone who has not got to the stage of menopause to be very dry down there even when one is in the mood? A lot of factors are responsible in ensuring that the vagina stays lubricated naturally. But when there is a problem with the blood flow in the body or hormonal level in the body, then expect Sahara-like dryness down there. For now, a recommended resolve is to apply a vagina lubricant before any sexual activity.