You want to seem calm and comfortable on your first date. But your mind rise above with the fear of rejection and insecurity. You get nervous of any mistake done by you on your first date. You get anxious. It can be a nightmare for shy people and for those who want to make an impression on the first date. You should not go on the date thinking that you are going to get your life partner. Try to be relaxed. Just think that you are going to meet with an acquaintance and you both will have a great time together and will come to know about each other, your common habits. And get to know that whether you can invest time for your second date or not. Following, we are discussing some questions to talk about on your first date. Find out…





It can be a sensitive issue asking about the age on the first date, and can make wrong and ugly impression. But during your first date, however you would be interested and curious enough to know the age of the person. You can do this but follow some tricks. Don’t ask this pointedly. Between your conversations, you can discuss about school or colleges. And you can ask ‘when did you pass your High School?’ And then you can figure it out. Knowing about the age is mandatory. You should know the right age of the person you are dating with, before proceeding further.




You should not feel shy asking this simple question about the job. It’s very normal to face this question as well as to ask this. And you can proceed with your conversation easily. Moreover, discussing about the job is good thing. Then from the job, you will get more topics to talk about, about college, teachers, hostels, friends, etc. It’s just that the other person want to know more about you and your interest.




Some people don’t feel comfortable discussing about families on the first date. But if you discuss about the family on the first date, it shows that you are a family person. Don’t go in much depth, but you can talk about general things. Because the other person will also be uncomfortable and shy on the first date, you might not get many questions. That way you can have an idea about his/her personality. What kind of relationship he/she shares with the family. But keep in mind that if you feel that the other one is feeling uncomfortable discussing about the family, then you should ignore this and talk something else.




It’s so lovely and interesting to talk about the favourite things, hobbies or favourite pass times. If you like cricket, ask him/her which sports he/she likes? Talk about adventure trips, if you had any, or some other trips you went out with your friends or family. Talking about these things, you will come to know more and more about your partner on the first date. Talk about favourite hobbies, and tell about yours too.


Relationship Status


You both would be curious to know about the relationship status of each other or past relationships. It is not good and not even advisable to talk about these things on the first date. But many of us can’t resist. Instead of talking these things on your first date, you should wait for your further dates. It will make a good impression.


Avoid Pressure


Both parties should avoid unnecessary pressure. You both should try to make the atmosphere very easy and funny. Continuous questions can make it boring and uninteresting. This can create unwanted pressure and a feeling of discomfort in the atmosphere and then the first date become intolerable.


Be Casual


Do not behave extra ordinary. Be what you really are.  Be casual with the partner. Behave and talk in the way as you use to do with your friends. Nothing extra and special. In this way, the other person would feel more comfortable in your company and would look after for the second date to be very soon. You should not get formal like you are meeting with some colleague or senior. Remember, you have to make this date very special and you have to leave a long lasting impression. Then only you’ll get another chance for dating again.


Though, your first date is a very first step to start a new relationship but, you can get opportunity to leave a long lasting impression on your first date. So, you should provide your partner the opportunity to enjoy your amazing sense of humour, intelligence and charm. First date can create magic in your life. All you have to do is to be little careful. Don’t ask about unwanted things, don’t do anything embarrassing.


It can be a date to celebrate throughout the year. So, your conversation should flow very naturally and in an impressive manner. Remember that “First impression is the last impression”. You should try to understand each other. So guys don’t get afraid on your first date. Just go so confidently and leave your impression for the second date.



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