10 Top Qualities Of A Good Friend

Life is a big journey, and it is not meant to live alone. We are social beings and are always in constant need of other people who understand us, share the same mentality and preferably of our age group. These kinds of people are none other than friends. The word friendship is very special only because of some special friends. We may have many friends but only few are true and good friends. A good friend is someone on whom we can rely completely, faithful, and who accept us in the way we are. Who loves us like no one else can? Here, there is a list of 10 top qualities of a good friend.


1.      Honesty-No matter what is the situation, a good and true friend will always be honest. He will never try to hide certain facts under the name of betterment or intentionally. A good friend is always trustable and if he hides certain facts then it questions his truthfulness.

2.       Loyalty-It takes years to prove to be loyal. Loyalty is not an easy job. But only a loyal friend can be a good friend. So, always look for loyalty in a person before making him your friend. Loyalty is one of the top 10 qualities of a good friend.

3.      Supportiveness-Good friends will always posses the quality of supportiveness. A true friend will support you in every matter. “A friend in need is a friend in deed” is a famous proverb and holds to be true in reality also. A supportive friend understands you and will be with you at the time of need.

4.      Good listener- Good listening is essential in making long term relationships. If both the persons are talkative then they will reach to no conclusion. But if a friend is a good listener and he understands you then your friend is true and good for you. Good listening also helps in getting out the frustration which you have because of others and your friend will help you in this regard.

5.      Reliability-A good friend is really very reliable; one with whom you can share your secrets freely without the feeling of anxiety that you’re secret may get disclosed to everyone. A good and reliable friend is so hard to find and if you have one then be thankful to God.

6.      Humorous-Humor is one of the vital elements of our life and when it comes from a friend then it adds up to the beauty. Being humorous is truly considered as one of the 10 top qualities of a good friend. You can freely talk on any matter and can discuss the most important topic of life in a light manner. A humorous friend will have a tendency to make you laugh even in the most serious situation to make yourself feel relaxed and happy.

7.      Forgiving nature-Human is to err. It is not possible that we never hurt anyone and when it comes to a friend, it is obvious that somehow we hurt the person without even noticing it. But if the friend is smart and intelligent enough to understand you and can forgive you for your sins, then nothing can be better than this. Treasure this friendship always.

8.      Caring-If your friend is caring for you and he takes care of every small issues of yours then consider him as a good friend and always respect your true friendship. A caring attitude is essential and is among the top 10 qualities of a good friend.

9.      Acceptance-It is so hard to accept our flaws for anyone. But a true and good friend will always accept you in the manner you are. That friend will never try to mold you according to his needs and desire. But, will love you the way you are.

10. Respectable-A good friend is matured, sensible and of pleasing personality. You should have a respectable feeling for him. It’s true that in friendship, there are no formalities but there should be ample respect for each other’s thoughts and behavior. Only then a friendship can last for long.

The above mentioned qualities are grouped in the list of top 10 qualities of a good friend. On the basis of these qualities, you can judge any friend whether he or she is good enough to be a true friend or not. A true friendship is a treasure for sure but to recognize whether you have a good friend or not is very tough. Be sure of all the qualities of a good friend in someone, then only get attached to that friend otherwise there are many people who fool good people.



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