A tough working environment can wear you out very fast. You need to be aware of certain psychological hazards that are inevitable in any working environment. If you can identify these hazards, than you may have a chance of avoiding their effects. Of course, these psychological hazards may differ from place to place, but certain things like the relationship with your boss and your colleagues is pretty much the same everywhere. Most of these hazards have to do with the accumulation of stress and the tough deadlines you have to meet in almost any business. Also trying to have a positive and fruitful relationship with your boss may prove to be very tough, especially if the other person is not responsive. Getting integrated in the team can prove to be very stressful for some, and sometimes it becomes very hard to escape the “new guy” label, who doesn’t know the jokes, the places, or the group dynamics. Also, it may become a real problem if you don’t get to have any creative input in what you do. The same routine day in and day out, can wear out your nerves. So let’s see in more detail what the most important psychological hazards in the workplace are:

1.    Too much routine. As I mentioned, I believe monotony can be one of the most destructive psychological hazards in the workplace. Sooner or later, doing the same repetitive motions every day will become unbearable and you will become very tightly wound up. Try diversifying and asking your boss for different types of tasks to do. It is important for you to develop new skills every day, and always find something interesting in the work you do, otherwise you will become very bitter, very fast.

2.    Stress. Of course, I believe everyone will agree with me, that the biggest psychological hazard at any workplace is stress. The accumulation of stress will become very visible in your physical aspect as well. You will start to get all sorts of migraines, and your diet will have to suffer as well, because if you are always in a hurry and not able to enjoy your meals properly, your whole digestion process will be turned upside down. And of course, being constantly under stress will eat away your nerves, and you will find that you can’t get a proper night’s sleep, and that you snap for no reason at almost anyone. If your job creates this sort of environment where stress is such a predominant factor, I think it’s time that you look for a new workplace.

3.    Being shut out of the group. I any business, group dynamics are essential for a smooth running operation. So team cohesion is something most employers put a lot of emphasis on. But that doesn’t mean people can be forced to like each other. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to try and integrate yourself in a group that is already formed. This can become a very negative influence because not being accepted by other people even if you try your best may encourage you to question your own self-worth. It may take a lot of hard work, but you need to come to peace with the idea that sometimes the world is not always air, and some people are just mean for no reason at all.

4.    Getting humiliated by your boss. I think at some point we all went through this at least once in our lives. My only advice to you is that if you find yourself working for somebody who thinks that public humiliation is the best way to get the most out of his or her employees, than that person is not worth your time and you should just quit.

5.    Getting bitter because of the lack of fun activities. Another psychological hazard that few people take into consideration is the lack of fun. A workplace where there is no sort of fun activity organized at any time, will be a very dull, and more importantly a very inefficient place.

6.    Getting burned out because of the amount of work. You should always try to be fair with yourself and never accept to do more than is physically possible. You shouldn’t ever take your work home with you, so an employer who demands that is unfair and you should take the first opportunity to find a new job.

7.    Loosing focus because of the many things you have to do at once. Although multitasking has become an essential skill in many work environments, you shouldn’t go overboard with it so that you are unable to focus on the most important things you have to do.

There are many psychological hazards you have to watch out for in almost every workplace. I have outlined in the paragraphs above just a few which I have come in direct contact with over the years. The point I am trying to make is that these hazards have a big effect on your quality of life, so always do your best to steer clear of any work environment that can be toxic for you.