Protein shakes are becoming popular today. It is not only take by bodybuilders and athletes, many people also take them as a means of enhancing their protein intake. Rather than taking whole food protein, some people especially athletes will prefer to take protein shakes. Some even take take the shakes after every meal even when their meal include a whole food protein sources. Given this, one cannot but ask, why are people taking protein shakes when they get all the proteins they require from whole food protein sources? Are protein shakes more palatable than whole food sources? Read on to understand the answer to the above questions.

Convenience and easy to prepare

One of the advantages of protein shakes over whole food protein sources is that they are easy and more convenience to prepare than whole food protein sources. It will not take you anything to prepare your protein shake. You only need to scoop the required quantity per serving and then dissolve properly in the required liquid which may be water, juice drink or equivalent. The highest effort is to stir with your spoon or your blender and the shake is ready to be taken. But this is not the same with protein shakes. You have to take your time to prepare and cook them. Even if you are not cooking it, you will also have to prepare it taking some minutes.

Faster absorption for quicker recovery

Athletes as well as body and muscle builders take protein shakes in order to recover quickly after work. But before the recovery is achieved, the food taken has to digest and be absorbed into the bloodstream for circulations to the cells and tissues of the body where they will be required. Protein shakes do not take time to be absorbed as they do not take time to digest. This is quite unlike whole food protein sources which takes time to digest. Before their digestion process is completed, the protein shakes have already been absorbed into the blood stream for effective tissue repair. This means that people that take protein shakes will recover faster than people that consume whole food proteins.

Better absorption and digestion

One thing is to be quickly digested and absorbed by the body and another thing is to be better absorbed and digested into the blood stream. When it comes to how the digestion and absorption are carried out by the body, protein shakes give better result. They are better absorbed and digested by the body than whole food protein sources. Better digestion and absorption means better result, that is quicker recover.

Constant flood of amino acids at all times

Another reason why it is better to take protein shakes than whole food protein sources is that they provide amino acids constantly than ordinary whole food protein sources. Most protein shakes in the body contain all the essential amino acids required by the body for effective and better tissue repair. So, if you want to obtain more amino acids, you should consider taking protein shakes.

However, the above advantages of taking protein shakes do not mean that you should stop taking whole foodprotein sources. They also have their own benefits over protein shakes.