In most cultures and traditions of the world, it is very bizarre and in fact unthinkable for women to propose marriage to men. It is only men that can propose marriage to their girlfriends and lovers. Given this, it may seem to be an impossible task to propose to your boyfriend. Things are changing nowadays. You can really propose to your boyfriend if you really love him and want to settle down with him. There is nothing bad in that. Here are some tips that you may apply to enable you master the courage and propose to your boyfriend.

Make up your mind to propose

Yes, you love him and you will like him to marry you. But there are a number of factors preventing you from telling him how you feel. You may be thinking about how he will feel or what others will say when they hear that you propose to him and things of that nature. You should not be bothered about those things. There is really nothing wrong with a woman proposing marriage to a man. So, make your mind and take the bull by the horn. However, before proposing to him, you have to be sure that you really love him and that he is really the one you will like to marry.

Gauge the possibility of your boyfriend proposing to you

Before taking another step, it is good also to gauge the possibility of your boyfriend proposing to you. If the chances that he will not be proposing to you is high, you may not make this move because chances that he will turn down your proposal are high. There are indices that will help you  determine whether or not he is considering proposing to you. Have you people dated for a long time? Is he fond of you?How does he react anytime you tell him how you love to be with him forever? Does he like staying with you? The answer to these question will indicate whether or not he is thinking of proposing. If you think that he is considering proposing marriage, you can take the load off his shoulder. 

Consider his level of understanding

Even though, there is nothing wrong with a woman proposing to a man, some men still stick to the old tradition. Thus, they don't like the idea of a woman being the proposer. If your man has such frame of mind, you should understand with him. It is normal for a man to react in that manner. You can find out how he will react to the idea by making up story in which a woman proposes to her boyfriend. His reaction to the story will help you to understand how he will feel if you propose to him first.

Take your own feeling into considerate

As it is said, it is not yet a fully accepted act for women to propose to men. Some women will also see the idea as funny. So, before you propose to your man, you should be emotionally strong to withstand the criticism from even friends. How will you feel telling others that you propose to him? Or will you be proud to answer questions like when did he propose to you, how did you feel when he proposed and the likes. You can only propose if you are the type of person that does not bother so much about traditions and what other people around says about your way of life.

Get ready for the proposal

Now that you have gone through the initial stage of making up your mind, you should move on to the next stage which is proposing. Decide on the right place to do the proposal. It should be at his favorite place. If it is at your home, then you have to prepare his best dish for him. Appear cute and be on your best attire. You may propose with ring or not. You can shop for engagement ring with him after the proposal. You may feel nervous at the initial time. But master courage and make the proposal. If he accepts your proposal, it has to be celebrated.