Problem Solving Skills – How to Solve Problems the Rocking Way

Ever imagined why some people posses the problem solving skills while other just scout for answers? Everybody at some point in their lives has wondered what it takes to develop skills and posses techniques that make them rock the right way. The answer is no different from all the hacks we do apply in our life but the approach one takes definitely varies. Our caliber determines our standing in the industry which indirectly relates to our ability to solve difficult and peculiar problems in our lies. A problem does not always relate to math, exercises, or riddles but these are techniques we use to solve typical situations that arise in our profession or personal life. How skillful we are determines how easily we rise up the ladder of growth in our life.


A question on How to solve problems or find solution to tough situations lies in the stage when you start to experience them in an incremental way. Each day comes with its own set of issues that need resolution on an immediate or recurring basis. Our ability to understand the problems and come out with a proactive solution depends upon how adept we are in handling such situations. You may not sometimes entirely know the answers but you can definitely know places which can help you collate the answers. An effort put for a systemic resolution defines our ability to progress and prosper in life.

Problem Solving Skills How to Solve Problems the Rocking Way


So lets talk about it more closely. What is your attitude towards problems?


1)     Problems always turn you off

2)     You run from problems

3)     You want a comfortable life where no one bothers you


Even when you start to work on the problem

1)     The effort is always half hearted.

2)     You have already lost the battle before the start

3)     You seems to be in no mood at least for today


This in one way arise from

1)     Less experience

2)     Area of disinterest

3)     Lack of willingness


But when we do above we miss the point. The point is that problems are path to progress in life

1)     Each solved problem gives us great experience

2)     It makes us ready for the next level

3)     It is a sign of growth in our life


The more Problems you solve in your Personal or Professional life

1)     The more skillful you become to handle tough situation

2)     The more people rely on you and treat you as troubleshooter

3)     People acknowledge your presence and give you due respect.


You get termed as Professional and Not Novice



Now the Big Question


How is One set to Acquire Problem Solving Skills


The answer is simple- By solving more Problems


1)     Why doctor in a clinic is less experienced than a doctor in big hospital

2)     Why a roadside mechanic is less skillful than one that owns and run big garage himself

3)     Why you are not that good in coding programs than someone who has spent more time in Industry than you.


The answer lies in experience they have got by solving more problems.

The more problems you solve


1)     The more experienced you get to understand problems

2)     The more comfortable you get when you encounter them again

3)     The more confident you get in venturing out and resolving the unknown


You get the natural ability to go for the kill.


It is the confidence loaded with experience that makes you rock.


Go For problems. They make you wise


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Problem Solving Skills

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  1. I agree with you about the "rocking way" but from my POV problem solving is more like an art, something you cannot teach. You identify that as a "natural ability", the hard thing is helping people in understanding where to start.
    Problem solving is like moving into "discomfort zone", you learn a lot even if you cannot solve the issue; you learn a lot about the process!
    IMHO It's the process itself that defines you as a problem solver not what you know.
    Funny things happen when people understand that you're a problem solver, they start submitting you even harder (funnier) problems and sometimes they simply go for you with problems they know the answer just to challenge you.
    So, go out, and start solving problems!
    my 3 cents
    Beppe (from Italy)
    BTW: your blog rocks :))

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