Prioritization is among a Key Success factors if used appropriately. Many people just fail to realize the importance of this concept which can do magic with their productivity, motivation and job growth.  Prioritization if used wisely has the potential to deliver quality and success in stipulated timeframes. We use Prioritization daily in our lives in numerous ways and develop our own hacks to get maximum out of it. But at same time the absence of Prioritization makes our life all the more miserable. Yes, It becomes miserable because we end up killing the whole time without any significant gain.


So, how you’re normal days go

1)    You start with some work

2)    You get more work

3)    You shift from one to another to another

Why does this happen

1)    There is too much work flowing

2)    Everything is important at all the time

3)    Everything has the same timelines attached to it.

End result

1)    You spend some time in first

2)    You spend some time in the next one

3)    You leave that and then spend some time in yet another one.

Prioritizing As Key Success Factor

Prioritizing As Key Success Factor

At the end of the day

1)    Hardly anything gets completed

2)    You are at the same level as that of start of the day

3)    You achieve nothing.

Potentially, you lose your whole Day. This is the biggest factor responsible for productivity loss in many companies. People spend their whole day and wonder what they have achieved in span of 8 to 12 hours.

The Productivity Loss needs to be reversed and you need to become more efficient. How?

By Prioritization

How exactly,Here it goes

At start of the day

1)    List down all the task of the day

2)    Prioritize them yourself or with the help of your manager

3)    Complete them and then ask for more

This will help you to

1)    Analyze the task from each angle

2)    Understand the Priority of each

3)    Understand the importance of First thing First

In mean time if new work comes to you

1)    Postpone it to next cycle

2)    If it is urgent for the day, Drop some other task from the list

3)    Never accommodate without changing something in your schedule


This is a recipe of success. Why?

Think about the Game of Football

1)    The Players have limited time

2)    They know they have to score a goal.

3)    They give their best in the stipulated time

Same Way

1)    You know what is your goal

2)    You have stipulated time in a day

3)    You give your best in those hours.

End Result

Successful You, Satisfied You, Efficient You

Prioritization has Numerous Power. Harness It. Wisely


Try it.

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