Any person can be a victim of burn regardless of your age or your profession. However, there are some people that are most vulnerable to burn. They most vulnerable to burn include children, aged, people working or handling flammable substances and products, cooks and others. Whether you think you are most vulnerable to burn or not, there are a lot of things that you should on your own in order to reduce the risk of being a victim of any type of burn. Here are what you should do to avoid being exposed to burn.

·         Installing smoke and fire alarm system in your home

A lot of fire outbreak incidences that results in burns or even death of the victims could have been prevented if the victim were to be a little more careful. Nowadays, technology of our time has made it possible for people to easily avoid incidence of fire outbreak thanks to the invention of fire alarm system and smoke detectors. These devices come with sensors that can detect fire or smoke and then blow alarm for action to be taken. You should consider installing fire alarm or smoke detector devices in your home especially if you have children or if you cook. Fire alarm system will help you to know when there is fire outbreak in your home so that you will call for emergence or for help. The smoke detector device does not detect fire but smoke. Once there is smoke which is a strong indicator of fire, the alarm system will sound for action to be taken by the owner of the house.

Some of these devices are not connected to mobile applications and can be controlled with these applications. If you have such application and you are not at home, you will get signals when there is such deadly incidence in your home.

·         Educating your children about burns and its prevention in school and at home

If you have children, you should take time to educate them about burn, its causes and what they should do when they have burn in school or at home. You should also tell them how to avoid burn.

·         Keeping all flammable products and items out of the reach of children

You should be very careful on handling volatile and flammable items including your body spray. The best thing to do is to get storage units that have good locks and store flammable items in them. Keep the keys where your children will not be able to get them. You should also make sure that your gas is properly locked and that your children will not be able to unlock it. Keep all electric devices safe and out of the reach of children. Your children may play with them while they are plugged in the electricity socket. This can lead to electric burn.

·         Have emergence exist route in your home, office, school and workplace

·         Put on flame retardant clothes

·         Say no smoking and alcohol abuse (they can give rise to burn; if you are smoking, make sure that you have your ash tray)

·         Practice fire drills

·         Give first treatment immediately when burns occur in order to reduce its severity

·         Visit  doctor for proper medical care if you have burn