When you receive an invite for an interview for a job post you applied for you, definitely, your heart was fully of joy because you are almost at the verge of achieving your dream. But as the interview date is drawing close, you may likely become nervous owing to the uncertainty of the questions you will encounter during the interview. You are not the only person suffering from nervousness during an interview. Many job seekers out there also have the same experience. If you don't control it or overcome it, you may likely end up forgetting to do simple things that will help you to sell yourself during the interview and this may cost you a good first impression. There are certain things that you should do in order to avoid becoming nervous. Here are some tips to apply.


Take time to think about your special qualities you will bring to the organization or job. Find out practical examples of your achievements over the years. This should extend to every aspect of you including your social life and education achievement. Go to the interview with it. You make use of cues in what you noted down so as to emphasize on the examples that you would like to draw upon like sales job, course representative and cricket team.


Take note of how interviews are structured. Normally, the interviewer starts with topics that most people know their answers. Such questions will not take you time to answer because you will not be taking time to time on their answers. For example, the interviewer may ask you to tell him or her about yourself, your family background or your university or school days. Any of these questions are what you can easily answered without thinking deeply. Gradually, the interviewer will start asking you more and more difficult questions. When you are asked a more difficult questions, you have to pause and reflect a little bit before answering the question to ensure that what you are answering is the right answer. But this does not mean that you should spend too much time to think on the question. If you are sure of the answer of any question you are asked, give the answer immediately. There is no need wasting time on it.


You should be aware that the interviewer will be assessing you not just on based on the answer you provided but on other things such as your enthusiasm and motivation, you manner of speech, the way you maintain eye contact, your language and a number of other things. So, when answering question try to maintain good eye contact and use positive language. Don't answer any question that you don't understand very well. When you don't understand any question, it is better that you ask for clarification than to give a wrong answer. So, when you are asked any question that is not clear to you, politely ask for clarification. You may say, please could you repeat?


Take a deep breathe. Taking a deep breath before going in to face your interviewer will do you a lot of good. It will help to relax your nerves and thus make you to be less nervous or not to feel nervous at all. Go in after taking a deep breath. Make sure that you brighten up your face during the interview even when you are asked difficult question or even when you the interview is unnecessarily strike on you. Some interviewers intentionally try to step on the toes of the person being interviewed in order to find out how the person will react.  


The above are some of the tips you will apply in order to avoid being nervous during an interview.