If you are a job seeker and you have applied for jobs in many establishments, you will be expecting to be called for interview. Most employers don't hire workers unless they interview them by themselves or hire experts to interview the applicants for them. The reason for the interview is to find out what the applicants will be able to offer or whether the applicant is suitable for the post applied for. Interview is also organized in order to enable the employer to select the best applicants. Given this, if you have applied for a job, it is important that you prepared very well for the interview so that you will be among those that will be selected after the interview. There are a lot of things that you should do if you are looking to attend an interview. Here, we will concentrate on what you should do before an interview. Here are important things to do before an interview.

Take time to research the organization and the available post

It is important that you research the organization or business that will interview you as well as the role or post you applied for. Knowing this will enable you to determine whether it is a type of job you will do and whether the business or organization is the type of business that you will like to work in. If the role does not match with your aspiration or does not suit the type of job you will like to take, then you should consider looking elsewhere.

How does your experience fit the organization and job

Each job requires certain skills and experience. Now that you have known about the role you will play, the next thing that you should find out is whether your experiences and skills fit the role or not. If your skills and experience fit the role, then you can proceed with the next step. But if it does not fit it, it is an indication that you may not derive job satisfaction from the job or that you will find it difficult coping with the job.

Do a thorough research on your job sector's trends and current affairs

Before you go for an interview, it is necessary that you know about the trend in the job sector you applied for as well as the current affairs. It is important that you know about the job sector and current affairs because you may be asked some questions about the sector and happenings in it. So, if you know much about it, you will not be taken by surprise during the interview should the interviewer decides to ask you questions relating to the job sector or current affairs.

Think about the likely questions the interview will ask

Before you sit for an interview, think about the likely questions that the interviewer may ask and then try answering them or looking up for the answer. You may ask your friends who are already in the labor market the questions they were asked during their interview. 

You should also try to find out the form the interview will take. Will it be oral interview only or are you going to do some writing? Are you going to be interviewed by one person or a group of interviewers or a panel? Knowing this will also help you to prepare and dispose yourself mentally. For example, if you know that you will appear before a panel, you will be disposed for that. The revise will be the case if you are expecting to be interviewed by one person.


Other things to take into consideration are

  • How to get to the interview venue? It is important to be on time to the venue.
  • What to wear? Check you wardrobe and bring out the best clothe suitable for interview. Suits and business clothes are most suitable for interviews.
  • Go to bed earlier on the interview day so that you will be able to wake up on time and be there on time.