Online dating is gradually becoming popular especially among the young people. Many people are going into it because of the advantages it offers them. However, as normal in life, whatever has advantages also has disadvantages. If you are going into online dating, you should be very careful because many people are there not for dating but hidden intention. The internet is not the right place to know a person’s integrity. You can be deceived in many ways since you are not physically seeing the person. So, if you are dating online, you should use your common sense and be cautious when replying emails or chatting. Here are some of the precautions you should take.

Don’t disclose your anonymity

It is important that you remain anonymous if you are dating online. Don’t register with your complete name. You can register with your first and middle name. It is not good to include your last name. It leads people to finding out your identity. There are other pieces of information about yourself that you should not provide otherwise other users will easily discover your identity. Don’t include your residential address, office address, mobile or telephone number or similar personal details that will give cue on how to identify you. You can only exchange contact with a person that you will like to continue dating offline. You can only do that after dating for a considerable time with the person. If you feel that the person is reliable and you will like to date him or her online, you can exchange your contact details.

Communicate via email and chat

It is advisable that you limit your communication and interaction with your online date via the internet until you establish trust with the person. Don’t start immediately to give the person a call. When you have established certain level of trust with your online date, you can now call the person. Speaking with your online date through phone has its own advantage. You can discover more about the social skills of a person when you speak with the person on phone. Chatting or email limits people’s communication but talking on phone does not. Besides, people reveal themselves and inner intention from certain expressions they make when they are talking.

Request for a photo

One problem with online dating is that you will not be able to see the person you are dating face to face. Some people either intentionally or unintentionally give wrong description of themselves in their profile. So, when you are dating online with somebody, you should request for photos from your online date. Getting many photos from the person will help you to have an idea of how the person looks like physically. But remember that some people are photogenic. So, you should ask for many photos.


Don’t meet in private initially

If you want to meet your online date physically for the first time, you should meet him or her in a public place. It is not good to meet in private the first time you have appointment offline with the person.

Watch for inconsistency

If the person is not consistent in the information he provides, you should consider avoiding the person.