There is no doubt that many people out there do not know how to brush their teeth. Brushing your teeth properly is much more than moving a brush up and down your teeth. Some people in the bid to get rid of all plague and stain from their teeth end up causing injury on their teeth and gum. There are proper method of using the brush on your teeth. Below are the right things to do when brushing your teeth. 


Get a good toothbrush

The first thing you should do when it comes to brushing your teeth properly is to get a nice toothbrush. A nice toothbrush is not one that is expensive. It must not be an electric toothbrush. The bristle of a nice toothbrush should be soft and gentle on the teeth and gum but tough on stain, plague and dirt. So, if the bristle of the toothbrush head does not clean and remove plagues very well, then the toothbrush is a not a nice one regardless of the cost. The same thing is applicable if it causes you pain when you are cleaning your teeth. A nice toothbrush head should come with bristles which should cover the entire surface of the teeth. They should also be able to clean hard to reach areas like back of the teeth and between the teeth.


Brush all the surface of your teeth gentle

The teeth are used for masticating and chewing food. As you are cutting and chewing your food, the entire parts and surfaces of your teeth are stained with food particles. If you take some drinks like coffee, red wine, and other types of drinks that can stain your teeth, the liquid also touches all the parts of your teeth. So, if you are brushing your teeth, it is important that you brush all the parts of your teeth. Try to cover hard-to-reach areas like the back of your teeth, the chewing surfaces and between dirt. If you leave any part uncovered, plagues will gradually begin to develop on that part of your teeth. With time, it may cause you tooth decay as well as mouth odor. 


Avoid over brushing

Yes, it is important that you clean and brush all parts of your teeth, but this does not mean that you spend longer time brushing your teeth. The dentists' recommended brushing duration is 2 minutes. So, when you are brushing your teeth, it is important that you stick to the two minutes recommended time. Over brushing of your teeth affects the teeth and gum health. As you spend longer time brushing your teeth, you are causing some injury on your teeth and gum. The tears and wounds will provide a favorable condition for bacteria to start developing on the teeth. Besides, the longer time you spend brushing the faster the bristles of your teeth will wear out causing you to replace it earlier than you should.


Don't swallow the toothpaste

After brushing your teeth, you should make sure that you spite out all the toothpaste and foam it created. Don't swallow it even if it tastes nice. The toothpaste may contain some ingredients that are not good to your body. So, if you swallow it, you may cause some harm to your body system. Secondly, the toothpaste now contains dirt, unwanted material and plague which are not good to the body and so if even if the toothpaste does not contain any harmful chemical, the dirt and plague in it have contaminated it. So, spit them all out and then rinse your mouth with water. If you have children, you should supervise them as they clean and brush their teeth so that they will not swallow the paste.