A wife is a woman that you have to spend your entire life with. She should be the mother of your children; the woman you should bedroom, life and everything you have with. In the Christendom especially in Roman Catholic theology, a marriage that is validly constructed is indissoluble meaning that it is only death that will separate the man and woman who are married. It is also believed that husband and wife are no longer two but one. Even in the civil societies, there are some rules guiding marital relationship. It is not a type of relationship you can enter in and call it a quit anytime you like. Even if you want to file for a divorce, it is a legal process which may or not be given to you by the court. You can see you should be very careful when you are choosing a wife. Here are some of the things you should be wary of when looking for a life partner.

Check her relationship records

Find out if she broke up with another man in order to be with you. If she left a relationship just to be with you, it is important that you find out the reason for the breakup. If there is no reason for such a break up, then you have to be very careful with such a girl. There are some girls that jump from one relationship to another just for no reason just for monetary gain. She may likely dump you even as wife just as she dump other men if she finds another man that is richer than you are. Such a girl is not ready to commit to any relationship let alone any marriage. She uses men as a means of getting money and when the money is not forth coming, she quits immediately and looks for another option. However, this does not mean that any girl who has left a relationship or who has had a broken relationship is not a good a girl. No!, It all depends on the reason why the relationship broke up.

Consider her vices

You have to find out if she is a substance abuse person that is whether she is addicted to alcohol, hard drugs, tobacco smoking or even a particular medication. Addition is a very serious health wise and can also destroy a relationship. If you have ever lived or been with any person with substance abuse problem, you will definitely see more reason why you should avoid entering into any marital relationship with any person.

Check her hygiene level

This is easy to find. How does she look during your first three dates with her? Then afterwards during the subsequent dates, does she look the same way? If she looks well kept and neat during the first three days and continue with that, it is a sign that she cares much about her body. But if her looks and neatness in the subsequent dating begin to go, it may be an indication that in the in first three dates, she was just trying to pretend. It was not her real self. Be attractive and well kept here does not mean wearing expensive dresses and jewelry. You should look beyond the market value of her dress to how she is able to keep whatever she has clean. Visit her home especially if she is living alone without informing her. What you see or the look of her home tells you much about her hygiene.

Find out her interaction with other people in public forum

Is she a talkative or excessively quiet? Does she feel at home with people around or not? Both extreme on human interaction are not good. Her interaction and social relationship with other people should be decent, not excess and not too poor.

The above are some of the precautions to take when searching for a wife.