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When the world billows rows, problems seem to come from all corners, when the world is weighing down heavily on your shoulders, there seems no way out, pressure to just give up has become most desirable, bad new of the day threatening to knock you to your feet, tears and sorrows have become a regular companion, and peace of mind has become a stranger and you have suddenly crossed the Rubicon line, and suicide seems very inviting what do you do? Pray for peace of mind! The solution though simple, but it is the hardest thing to do. Ask yourself, why do people die by committing suicide, why do people run away from their problems instead of embracing a solution? Why are there cases of fathers or mothers abandoning their children just to escape from increasing and daunting responsibilities? Why are their increasing cases of child abuse and abandonment, etc, etc! The reason is simple; people have strayed far away from where it all began – spirituality.


Why pray: Man is a spiritual being, the scientist have tried and failed in the quest to deceive the world about their illogical story of evolution, big bang, and all other nonsensical stuff. There is more to humans than the story fed to us by scientist, or the outward human body that degenerated to ashes after series of decay. Man is limited in power, the supply is insufficient to fight huge challenges found in the present world, though the bible made one to understand that humans have the capacity to overtake and overcome any circumstances, what about the emotions? The presence of heart supremacy – the attempt at opposing factors that is bent on making every step mankind take towards solving problems of live impossible? It is no longer news that the high and mighty also falls, “the rich also cry” they say, in fact they commit more suicide than even the poor, so no matter how great and high one have ascended in the ladder of achievements, failure, downfall, defeat, death, is inescapable. Considering this, do you still wonder why one needs to pray for peace of mind? Who can one pray to? Why do we need peace of mind, is it achievable?


Who is prayer directed to? Prayer is a spiritual exercise that comprises: praises, worship, thanks giving, and supplication. Prayer is directed to a being one believe have the ability to deliver, and can only be conducted under the umbrella of religion. It is very unusual for pagans to pray, doing that will mean they believe in a God, and that will be going against their “belief”. In Christians setting, faithfuls are ordered to pray, for it is the only communication line open to communing with their maker – God. During the Judaism period, when Moses and Joshua, was appointed by God to rule Israelites, communication or prayer was made directly to God, but after the coming, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the trend changed – prayer was rendered through Jesus Christ to God. In Islam prayer is rendered through the prophet Mohammed.


The importance of prayer: The reason for prayer should not be triggered mainly by challenges alone, David admonished that prayers should be offered in good times or bad times, why? Because God deserves it, as servants of God, we owe him praises, not because He is able to provide our needs, but because He demands it. According to the report of Christian faithfuls prayer for peace of mind brings about instant restoration of peace – after all God is also called Jehovah Shalom (God of peace – 2 thes. 3.16). Another reason why pray for peace of mind is because the act involves confiding in a God one believes is able and capable of brining about solutions to all problems, with this, one is freed from burden of the mind.

Prayer for peace of mind: The Christian prayer for peace of mind entails: going to God with ones problems, acknowledging the fact that he is ever capable and willing to help, seeking peace with others, owing no one anything except for love, praying through Jesus Christ, confession of sins, and expecting answers by giving thanks.


One of the major tool by which peaceful condition can be attained is to pray for peace of mind, believe in God, seek peace with others, love your neighbors, God, and yourself.



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  1. dear brother. praise the lord . my name is rajasekar.every day i pray .i am converted christian from my birth am getting disturb  in my mind at night and work mind is thinking many things which is not usefull. for me pls pray for me i nwant away from the problem thanking rajasekar

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