There is a very beautiful relationship between the parents and the children. But, if this relationship is being added with some fun like pranks then it will add more spark in the life. It is very obvious that children are notorious and if you are among them then this one is for you. We will discuss how to prank your parents in the best manner. But, few things should be kept in mind before planning any pranks for them. Let’s take a look at them. How to prank your parents is the easiest yet toughest question because you have to take special care of the feelings and emotions of your parents. These things will definitely help you in planning the pranks by keeping it safe and secure.


Analyze the situation before- Before attempting for prank, first analyze the situation and make sure that either of them is not upset because of some reasons. Plan your prank only if they both are in normal condition and free from every stress. If you find that either of them is upset then drop the plan.


Don’t overdo- You should not dis-respect your parents by overdoing anything. You should maintain a limit in the process of how to prank your parents. These pranks should not hurt the feelings of your parents. Be very careful before attempting such pranks. Be sure that your parents will take this in a healthy and sporty spirit. And if you think your parents are highly emotional and won’t understand your intention then try to make them happy by some other means and don’t do any kind of pranks with them.


Safety is necessary- Pranks should be safe. You cannot afford to take the risk of life and health in planning some pranks. If your parents are weak at heart then don’t make such pranks which can give them a shock or frighten them suddenly. This may prove in disaster. And you will be held responsible for that. So, before you plan how to prank your parents, judge their emotional and physical conditions and then do.


No humiliation- Try not to do any prank in front of others. Your parents may feel humiliated and can think negative for you. It is not a good manner to humiliate your parents in front of everybody. Your parents and other persons will certainly not like them at all. Even if you do with a good spirit, it may result in bad impression.


Lets See How To Prank Your Parents With Some Examples.


Toothpaste in place of cream- Suppose, it’s the birthday of any of your parent and you have committed to bring a nice cake for them. Instead of dressing that cake with cream you can use toothpaste, and when your parents will cut that cake and start having a bite of it, they will get the taste of toothpaste and will make funny faces and that’s where you need to laugh. To add on, you can also play with that cake once the prank gets over.


Universal remote of TV- Bring a universal television remote that has high frequency and your TV can be operated even if you are outside the house or in other rooms. Whenever your father is watching something important like news and mom is busy in watching her favorite daily soap, you can use this remote to change the channels to cartoons and distract them from their channels. This will make them irritated and in irritation, they will do certain stuff on which you can laugh loudly and will get joined by your parents after the realization of your stupid prank on them.


Computer illusion- Open as many folders as you want and just mess up your desktop. Place the icons in such a manner that they are visible on the desktop but with no relevancy. And capture a screenshot of that. And then add this picture as your background wallpaper. Your parents will get confused and will try to open those folders which are not there. This is just an image but it will give an illusion that many folders are at the desktop.


You can try these pranks on your parents but be sure these things are just to add some fun in your life. This should not intend to humiliate someone by any means. If in any case, your parents get angry on you then you can make it work by saying sorry to them and convincing about your activities. These things will support you in finding how to prank your parents.

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